Nazi flag in Brisbane prompts Mayoral call for banning

Adrian Shrinner nazi flag
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Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Shrinner yesterday called for the banning of Nazi insignia. He made the call following the display of a Nazi flag from a window of an apartment building next to the Brisbane Synagogue.

Update: Police charged a 45-year-old Brisbane man with public nuisance over the incident and he will appear in court 30 November.

The Nazi flag symbolised the regime that systematically murdered six million Jews and eleven million other people during the Holocaust. In addition to political dissidents and prisoners of war, the non-Jewish victims included Slavs, Romanis, LGBT people, People of Colour, the mentally or physically disabled, and people of faith.

Lord Mayor Adrian Shrinner described the incident as pure evil.

“This is sickening. For someone to fly this symbol of hatred and genocide right above the Brisbane Synagogue on Margaret St is pure evil.

“It’s time for this vile flag to be banned in Queensland.”

Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies vice president Jason Steinberg said the flag was first noticed by a pedestrian. Members of the Brisbane Synagogue arriving for a service about 9.30 am also saw the flag.

Queensland Police arrived at the scene about 10.45 am and the flag was subsequently removed.

Nazi Symbols

Dvir Abramovich from the Anti-Defamation Commission last year described displays of Nazi insignia as a ‘growing societal virus’.

He leads a national campaign to ban the public displays and sale of Nazi materials and insignia.

Current Queensland laws allow the possession and display of hateful emblems such as the Nazi flag.

A Queensland parliamentary committee is currently conducting an inquiry into serious vilification and hate crimes.  The committee will consider making the display or possession of insignia like the Nazi flag, a criminal offence.

Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman said earlier this year that Parliament also needed to assess the suitability of existing laws to deal with modern challenges like online vilification.

Brisbane Pride

The Nazi flag frequently makes an appearance at the time of the annual Brisbane Pride celebrations.

A group plasters stickers of the flag up and down Brunswick Street and throughout New Farm Park before the Pride Rally, March and Fair Day.

One year, the vandals even made ut past security to place stickers on the main stage.

In 2018, LGBTIQ-friendly church MCC Brisbane found Neo-Nazi stickers on their church signage after returning from the annual Pride March.


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  1. R.Butler
    9 November 2021

    Can’t believe this. So a selfish idiot flies most likely a cheap made in china flag in public to offend people and get attention for himself and not only does our elected leaders and our news crews give him more of the attention he’s craving but because of his selfishness and stupidity all the real historians who pay thousands for genuine items to collect as teaching aides so that history will not be repeated and our leaders call for everyone’s stuff to be banned. So in future when troublemakers start telling our future generations it never happenned we can’t have real evidence to show them how real and true the propaganda was that created such terrible crimes on people. I suppose they plan a big bonfire like the said Evil party did to be rid of races they didn’t like and create hate and hysteria amongst the people. Why can’t they ban this guy’s selfish actions instead of punishing all the people who do the right thing but just have a difference in opinion on approach to have these things never happen again. And now the media will give him his fifteen minutes to tell us all a heap of baloney. He says granddaddy was German. So I he saying granddad was a devoted and believing racist? Because that’s NOT the German flag at all and most Germans today look on that era of dictatorship as the worst 14 years in German history.

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