Queensland wimps out on nude beach

Queenslanders are wimps when it comes to legalising a nude beach according to Noosa Edge Nudist Retreat owner and activist Rainer Muekenberger.

Everywhere in the world has nudist beaches.

We have thousands of kilometres of amazing beaches here in Queensland. So surely we can allocate a few metres to people who don’t want to wear clothes.”

Mr Muekenberger’s statement came in response to Police Minister Bill Byrne. The minister earlier this week rejected the latest petition for Queensland’s first official clothing-optional beach.

Mr Byrne said the current legislation protected Queensland citizens.

The laws are designed to provide the safety and protection of Queenslanders and as such, I can advise the government has no plans to change the current legislation dealing with wilful exposure.

Therefore, the designation of a clothing-optional beach is not supported at this time.”

Mr Muekenberger said that Queensland’s attitude cost it a niche tourism market. He also pointed out that legalising nudist beaches prevent people from accidental exposure to nude sunbathers or swimmers.

If it is a proper nudist beach then it will be properly signed so it will be impossible to stumble across them.

Unfortunately, Queenslanders are wimps when it comes to nudism.”

Australian Sex Party

Australian Sex Party representative Robin Bristow also agrees. He described Queensland as “40 years behind the rest of Australia”.

Queensland is making criminals out of decent folk who are making adult decisions about their lifestyle, decisions that do not affect anyone else.

We are tired of being seen as the backward State. We need the Queensland government to show that we moved on from the Bjelke-Petersen era.”

The Australian Sex Party last year called on the Palaszczuk Government to change laws to allow nudist beaches. They proposed the establishment of an official nude beach at Noosa’s at Alexandria Bay.

Noosa councillors also recently voted their approval of the idea of a legal local nude beach.

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  1. I just wish that I had started being ‘nude’ around the house and at a ‘clothing optional’ beach earlier in my life. As for someone stating that this is a ‘mental disorder’ to be nude, . . . we were ALL born that way and only forced to put clothes on because it is the social mores of the culture.

  2. “The laws are designed to provide the safety and protection of Queenslanders..."
    7 May 2016

    When he says things like that, do you think he actually believes it, or he’s just putting us on?

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