My First Time: New series delves into the ‘first times’ of queer Australians

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For all members of the LGBTQIA+ community, stories of our ‘first times’ (whether they be first lovers, first crushes or coming out) are sacred. And while many queer people share similar experiences, each person’s narrative is unique, shaped by their own identity, background and lived experiences.

To honour these sacred stories, an exciting new series hitting the We Are Pride platform has asked queer Australians from all walks of life to get vulnerable and share the stories behind their first times.

QNews was lucky enough to watch the first episode of My First Time before its official premiere, and let us tell you, it’s something special.

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From Aurelia’s experience of growing up in a conservative family and how this shaped her coming out experience to Rosie and Katherine’s stories about navigating and embracing their gender identity- My First Time shared unfiltered stories that each of us at QNews could relate to in some way.

Personally, what I loved most about this series is that it’s not just about finding similarities in my own experiences. It’s also about hearing from folks whose stories might be completely different from our own. It really is like a window into the diverse tapestry that makes up our community.

And for fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under, season two runner-up Kween Kong is one of the brave souls getting into the hot seat to share some of their first times!

Overall, My First Time celebrates our shared experiences, our differences, and the courage it takes to be authentically ourselves. So be sure to subscribe to We Are Pride, as this is one series you won’t want to miss!

The Inspiration behind ‘My First Time’

To learn more about how the series was created, QNews chatted with My First Time’s Executive Producer Hannah Barnes and Director/Producer Carolyn Cage.

What is My First Time?

Carolyn: My First Time is a 10-part series that takes an unfiltered and heartfelt look at the transformative, yet sometimes challenging first experiences of 10 members from Australia’s queer community – featuring Kween Kong, Aurelia St Clair, Wesley Enoch, Katherine Wolfgramme, Seren Bakir, Adrian Mouhajer, Rosie Delaney, Dyan Tai, Steve Spencer and DQ.

Each themed episode delves into topics such as ‘coming out’, self-discovery, and exploring identity through fashion — covering everything from first crushes and heartbreaks to the first time navigating stereotypes and finding community. It’s a series that will warm your heart, make you laugh out loud, and at times reach for the tissue box!

This is the first original production for the We Are Pride platform, why was this concept the first choice?

Hannah: Everyone remembers their first so as soon as you share your own story, people immediately want to share theirs. It’s a global experience and that really interested me. Of course, often people equate their ‘first time’ with sex, but we wanted to expand on that and share all these different stories and experiences that are also ‘first times’.

What is about this project that first piqued your interest?

Carolyn: Creating this series has been a deeply personal journey for me as I’ve documented many of my own first experiences in diaries since I was eight. Occasionally one of them will resurface, allowing me to reflect on the growth from past struggles – or find humour in events that once seemed monumental, but are now a transient memory.

While it can sometimes be challenging to look back at the past, it can also be extremely cathartic and rewarding – and it was great to be able to capture those intimate moments with the talent on camera. I also wanted to share something with those who may be struggling or feel isolated in their journey and let them know they’re not alone.

Who is this series for?

Hannah: This series is made for the community. I think that streaming services and networks still make queer content for straight audiences and that’s not what we’re doing. We’re making queer content for queer people. If allies want to come along, great. If it resonates within a wider audience, that’s fantastic, but first and foremost, this is a queer show for queer audiences.

For the queer community, these ‘firsts’ are often very sacred. How was it finding talent for this series who were willing to get vulnerable?

Carolyn: First experiences, particularly for the queer community, are often extremely personal or difficult to talk about. We explore a lot of hard-hitting topics in the series, so developing trust with talent and creating a safe space for them to share their stories was extremely important.

Many of them mentioned that although speaking so candidly on camera was at times nerve-wracking, one of the main reasons they took part in the series was because they didn’t have this kind of visibility growing up, and wanted to contribute their voices to making things just that little bit easier for the next generation.

Hannah: We also worked with a predominantly LGBTQIA+ crew and that was a really deliberate choice. The feedback I’ve had from talent is that the crew was so thoughtful and sensitive and as a result, the filming process felt really relaxed. I think finding the right crew for this project was as important as casting the on-screen talent.

Is there a storyteller or story that has stayed with you?

Carolyn: It would be impossible to pick out just one! Many of the stories shared have left an impact on me, whether it be because they were deeply relatable, or completely raw, honest and impactful. What stands out is as a collective narrative, there is a powerful mosaic of honesty, struggle, and triumph, which I’m sure will resonate with anyone who watches the series.

Hannah: The most poignant moment for me is actually in our last episode and it’s when Wesley speaks about the need for LGBTQIA+ safe spaces. And I don’t want to ruin the moment for viewers, but when he said his bit, myself and all the crew were crying. So that’s the moment that has really stayed with me.

The first episode of My First Time premiered globally on the We Are Pride Youtube channel on Saturday, 17 February.

New episodes will continue launching every Saturday until 20 April.

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