WATCH: If it’s not gay, then it’s not gay

not gay

If it’s not gay, then it’s not gay. That’s the theme of a 30-second ad that aims to stop people using ‘gay’ with a negative connotation.

Scroll down for the vid.

New Zealand LGBT charity group Rainbow Youth recently launched the ad.

It refers to a small change people can make in their daily lives to become a better ally of the LGBTIQ community.

“We chose to address something small that contributes to much larger issues – homophobia, biphobia and transphobia,” the group said on Facebook.

The video shows two farmers talking about a pie one of them has just dropped on the ground.

Nigel the pie-dropper reacts to the incident by calling it ‘gay’. The other farmer tells him that, actually, it’s ‘deeply disappointing’ that he’s dropped his pie, but ‘it’s not gay’.

Then, a third farmer standing nearby enjoying a cup of tea makes a very matter-of-fact admission. He is, by his own admission, ‘quite gay’, something Nigel the pie-dropper did not know.

The ad has had a huge reaction on social media – and it seems like it is already working.

One Facebook user wrote: “Already – overheard two 11-year-olds talking today. One said something was so gay, the other one shot back: Is it gay though? It’s working!”

Many users have celebrated the point of the advert, with some parents saying they will now endeavour to teach their own children about not using the word ‘gay’.

Words can’t really explain – watch the video clip below:

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