ETK – You’ve never experienced anything like this before!

“A dynamic musical soundscape that blurs the lines between progressive rock and emotionally charged cinematic scores. Music combined with film, dance and literature into a unified vision that challenges all expectations for a unique experience that takes you on a journey that inspires, stimulates thought and provokes emotion.” Welcome to the hauntingly beautiful voice of Eris Bel and experience a ride into the deepest parts of your soul with ETK (Experience The Knowing).

Not just your average band this is the complete artistic package and well worth checking out. I have that sneaking suspicion this is going to be the next big success story coming out of the Australian music and arts scene.


“Experience The Knowing is a concept involving music with film and dance, and it tells the story of Daley, a young writer suffering from depression, and his relationship with an enigmatic supernatural being Kali, and via the movie, music, lyrics and dance, the listener/audience are taken on a personal journey through his mind, uncovering his thoughts, ideas and emotional landscape as he wrestles with his inner demons. What expounds to make this project a little different and slightly MAMMOTH is that our band, ETK, is the movie producer, the scriptwriter, and yes the composer of the soundtrack. The entire movie has been written and inspired from our music, influenced by great artists such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead.”

ETK are a Melbourne based group whose vision began around 4 years ago to bring this concept together and they are now on the precipice of breaking new ground in the art and music scene. Don’t be scared though by the art word. Their music has a beautiful sound that could have comparisons made to Evanescence, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Jeff Buckley and Radiohead; both in quality of musician and the beauty of sound, yet they are far from a copycat band that are all too common these days. ETK and Eris Bel are highly polished performers with a local charm that is irresistible to the true music lover and soul seeker.

QNews spoke with Eris Bel, lead vocalist, recently, who said the group is gearing up for the launch of a unique movie that creates another dimension to the group’s already known musical talent.

“We should have a movie teaser up next month”, Eris explained. “We are aiming to have it up December 10th – it will have our music on it as well”.

“We also have a single coming out in Feb, so yeah; we will have some of new stuff online for our listeners”

ETK are set to launch their latest offering to the world, so if there is only one new group you follow this year in the art and music world I suggest you follow these guys and you won’t be let down, just uplifted.

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