Much loved Doc Q Fiona Bisshop passes torch to Dr Rhys Young

doc q fiona bisshop dr rhys young

Much loved Doc Q Fiona Bisshop passes the torch this month to Dr Rhys Young. Dr Bisshop began penning her regular column for QNews almost a dozen years ago. In addition to becoming our longest surviving columnist, she’s also been one of the most loved and respected.

My dear readers,

Can you believe I’ve been writing the Doc Q column for almost 12 years?  It seems like only yesterday that I warned of the dangers of oral sex whilst driving, and first describing the delightful symptoms of secondary syphilis. It’s been a fun ride, and I’ve enjoyed getting inspiration and feedback from patients along the way.

I could of course go on for another dozen years, but I feel the time has come to usher in a fresh new Doc Q.  I want to introduce Dr Rhys Young, GP and sexual health enthusiast. He’s clever and gorgeous to boot!

Thank you for all your support over the years.  I will truly miss writing for Q News.

I know I’m leaving you in safe hands with Rhys though, and who knows, I may pop back from time to time for a cameo appearance.

Look after yourselves, get regular check-ups, never be afraid to ask for help, and keep both hands on the wheel, PLEASE!


dr rhys young doc q fiona bisshop
Dr Rhys Young. Image:

With love and gratitude from QNews

This writer first met Dr Fiona Bisshop when she was a slip of a girl sneaking into The Terminus Niteclub underage. Of course, kids did not actually have to sneak into clubs back in the 80s. Those were the days! A wild and gloriously delinquent era. Responsible Service of Alcohol entailed having a bucket ready during competitions to see who could scull the most shots of Tequila in 3 minutes.

I believe that doctor’s training back in those ancient times entailed graverobbing. Young doctors stole and dissected bodies to gain an understanding of human anatomy. I could be wrong about that. I often am. But if not, it explains Fiona’s Goth period.

Of course, young Ms Bisshop studied hard and became a doctor while many of us focused our energies on depleting Corona supplies before it morphed into a virus.

Over the years, Dr Bisshop contributed enormously to our communities, not only as a doctor but also as an extraordinary human being.

She takes a special interest in the areas of LGBT Health, HIV, Sexual Health and Gender Medicine. She also tirelessly advocates for her patients and her communities. Currently, Fiona is President of AusPATH, the Australian Professional Association for Trans Health.

In addition, she has found the time for the last decade-plus to author the Doc Q column in QNews.

She’s been an amazing presence, dispensing common-sense medical advice in a way that our communities can relate to. And she provided some attention-grabbing headlines along the way.

Masturbation is Good For You (Agreed, though preferably not in Parliament House), We Love bOObies! Why ball-tampering might just save your life, No one wants the gift of syphilis this Xmas and Get Ya Bum Checked.

Our wonderful Doc Q now has a lot on her plate and wishes to spend more time with her beautiful wife and family. While we’ll miss her no-nonsense advice, fearless editorialising and wicked wit, we wish her all the best. We can’t begin to express our thanks for her efforts over almost a dozen years. So let us just say, Fiona, we f***ing love you. Thank you.

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