MPs ‘Won’t Leave Canberra Until Same-Sex Marriage Is Legalised’

The federal government’s Leader of the House Christopher Pyne has vowed that MPs won’t be leaving Canberra until same-sex marriage is legalised.

The Turnbull government has cancelled a sitting week for the House of Representatives to allow the Senate to finish debating the same-sex marriage bill before it goes to the Lower House.


The Lower House was due to sit again from next week, on November 27, but will now resume on December 4.

It may then stretch into the week beginning December 11, depending on whether the changes to the Marriage Act are stalled.

If there is more time required, we can sit in the week of December 11,” Mr Pyne (pictured) said.

He said the government would immediately pass a bill confirming a citizenship disclosure register, with all parliamentarians to provide their paperwork by 8pm on Tuesday, December 5.

The Senate has already passed a motion that will require senators to provide their evidence by December 1.

We will sit until marriage equality and citizenship are dealt with,” Mr Pyne said.

The change will effectively give the Senate another sitting week to pass the Smith bill to legalise same-sex marriage before it reaches the House of Representatives.

The Senate has set a timeline that means it is unlikely to finish debating the marriage equality bill until November 30,” Mr Pyne said.

The government may extend the parliament into the week beginning December 11, for “as long as it takes” to deal with the two matters.

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