MP has a new nickname for Posie Parker after she targeted his family

Tasmania Greens MP Nick McKim lashes anti-trans activist Posie Parker
Images: YouTube, Australian Parliament

A Tasmanian Greens MP has handed anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, known online as Posie Parker, a brutal new nickname after she targeted his family, in a fiery spray in the Senate.

Kellie-Jay has toured Australia for a week. But in capital cities her supporters were vastly outnumbered by trans rights activists. Her event in Melbourne was marred by Nazis and violence against queer protesters.

Tasmanian Senator Nick McKim said the activist and her supporters’ rally in Hobart “turned into a pathetic agglomeration of about a dozen people”.

Around 400 trans equality supporters gathered on parliament’s lawns to sit and show they “weren’t standing for transphobia”.

“Hundreds of Tasmanians who believe in fairness and equality and who wanted to support their transgender siblings, came out, shouted them down and ran them out of town,” Nick McKim told the Senate.

“It was a glorious day for my home state because Tasmanians came out and made it clear that hateful, transphobic, fascist agenda has no place in our society. [It] has to be stood up against and has to be fought.”

The MP said Kellie-Jay had targeted his partner and their child with her “untrue and disgusting” anti-trans rhetoric. He claimed in Hobart she had admitted she “wasn’t a feminist.”

“I agree with her that she’s not a feminist. There are plenty of transphobes like her who are not feminists,” he said.

“We need to call Posie [and her] ilk what they actually are. That is trans-exclusionary right-wing dropkicks – T-E-R-D-S.

“They are not TERFs; they are TERDS, and that’s how we should describe them: T-E-R-D-S.”

Nick McKim slams ‘untrue and disgusting’ slur

Nick McKim described the activist as a “pathetic and disgusting excuse for a human being” after she called his partner, fellow Greens MP Cassy O’Connor, a “groomer”.

The two politicians are parents to Cassy’s trans son Jasper. He and Cassy attended the Hobart rally this week.

“I say to Posie Parker, or whatever pseudonym Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull wants to go by, that what she did was vile, disgraceful, untrue and disgusting,” he said.

“It gives us a window into her dark and warped soul.”

In the Senate speech, Nick McKim called out another Twitter user for persistent “vile and disgusting” abuse of his trans stepson online.

“You can get in the bin alongside Posie Parker,” he told the Senate.

“Jasper has more humanity in his little toenail than either of you have in your entire bodies. He is an intelligent, funny, highly empathetic human, not to mention a very handsome young man.”

Nick McKim said Jasper’s “intelligence, his humour and his empathy” are diametrically opposed to Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull and “her ilk”.

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  1. Jessica Astrid
    28 March 2023

    Great acronym, and would have agree with the sentiment, hopefully it will catch on.
    A deep search of the internet may find other uses of T.E.R.D., including after RuPauls transphobic comments re trans women performing drag! the acronym was Trans Excluding Redundant Drag as RuPaul was just being a T.E.R.D. in his, later retracted, tirade(trans inclusive replies at dropkicks equally)

    Oh the next story link headlines “Greens Senator Lydia Thorpe” ignoring the Senators severing her association with those green terds!

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