Review: ‘Their Finest’ Is A Glorious Wartime Farce

‘Their Finest’ leads more with its heart as Arterton and Claflin

Gloriously poking fun at the propaganda films that laced the theatres during the London air raids of World War II, as well as honouring their chipper mentality that assisted the population in clinging to hope in a time of disaster, Their Finest is a heartfelt tale of romance and respect, and the determination of one woman to break-through into a male-dominated profession.

A wonderful showcase for Gemma Arterton (all too often used as mere window-dressing in the majority of her feature films) the actress proves an immensely likeable, and sympathetic, lead as a Welsh girl who is initially hired as a scriptwriter for women’s dialogue in the latest of a series of morale-boosting films.

When an idea of hers garners a positive response from the execs, she finds herself scripting a full-fledged technicolour production alongside a sexist writer (Sam Claflin) and an over-the-hill former leading man (a scene-stealing Bill Nighy) supremely desperate to save his flailing career.

The film has all the ingredients for a farcical comedy, and there are indeed some immensely humorous moments (most courtesy of Nighy) but ‘Their Finest’ leads more with its heart as Arterton and Claflin fall for each other organically against the backdrop of a united film crew wanting to tell the best story they possibly can.

As uplifting as the film shows to be, screenwriter Gaby Chiappe doesn’t shy away from the occasional tragic circumstance either to steer the film’s emotional core to a more arousing state; some of these plot developments likely to surprise in their passionate effectiveness.

A genuine crowd-pleaser anchored by candid performances, ‘Their Finest’ survives on its simplistic ability to tell a remarkable story that proves ever accessible.

Their Finest is in cinemas this Thursday (April 20). Watch the trailer below:

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