MOVIE REVIEW: Matthew McConaughey Strikes Rich In ‘Gold’

Though it may take a while for ‘Gold’ to expose its glitter, its eventual reveal helps elevate this standard true story-inspired drama to something truly investing.

The reveal itself is best left unspoiled for viewers, allowing the film to end on a livelier note than how it begins, though that’s certainly not to imply the sequences in the lead up aren’t without merit.


One of those accounts that sounds like something we should already have knowledge of, ‘Gold’ focuses on third-generation miner Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey, in yet another transformative performance) whose mining company in Nevada is feeling the pinch of the recession during the 1980’s.

In an office where everyone is hankering for a bite but no one is given a meal, it takes a desperate Kenny to reach out to geologist/gold-chaser Mike Acosta (Edgar Ramirez), spending his literal last dime to travel to Indonesia where Mike believes a hub of untouched bounty awaits.

Whilst it’s unsurprising that this gamble pays off in dividends for Kenny initially, it’s not hard to vision that it’s all going to crumble, and it’s in the disintegrating stages that ‘Gold’ really thrives.

Reminiscent of such recent features as ‘War Dogs’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (granted without the excessive profanity and sexual material of the latter) ‘Gold’ has probably taken certain liberties in re-telling this inspired story, but none of that takes away the story’s pinnacle impact.

Whenever the film feels like it’s wavering in quality though, McConaughey remains present and grounded throughout, maintaining our focus with another committed performance that continues to prove his status as one of the stronger performers of his generation.

Gold is in cinemas on Thursday. Watch the trailer below: