Most Lesbians Uncomfortable Being Out At Work, Survey Says

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A majority of British lesbian and bisexual women don’t feel comfortable enough to reveal their sexuality in the workplace, a survey has suggested.

The survey, conducted by the British LGBT Awards, recorded the experiences of 1241 lesbian and bisexual women and found 73 per cent of them were not comfortable being out at work.


Of the women surveyed, 64 per cent said they had experienced negative reactions to their sexuality at work, including sexual discrimination, inappropriate language, lack of opportunity and bullying at work.

The survey also found that 74% of respondents thought bisexual women faced more difficultly when coming out at work, and 85% said it would help if there were more visible lesbian and bisexual women in senior roles.

The survey was undertaken to investigate why only 8% of the nominations at this year’s British LGBT awards were lesbian and bisexual women, and the Awards’ founder Sarah Garrett pledged to step up their campaigning to increase their visibility.

“The results are startling and clearly show that in 2016 lesbian and gay women are still finding it hard to be themselves in the workplace and worse still, those who are out at work have had negative experiences including discrimination, bullying and reduced opportunities to progress compared to male counterparts,” she said.

“The findings are worrying and show that a lot of work remains to be done to change attitudes and promote acceptance.”

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