More bizarre details revealed in death of Anthony Stott

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A report in Brisbane’s Sunday Mail adds more bizarre details to the circumstances leading up to the death in February of Brisbane teacher Anthony Stott. However, the information, obtained from a police brief, provides no explanation for Anthony’s out of character behaviour before his death. Nor does it provide any rational reasons for the actions of the three people charged with detaining and assaulting him with intent to obtain advantage.

Anthony Stott lived in New Farm and taught at a private school at Springfield. He was also a much-loved member of Aqualicious Masters Swimming Club. The popular local swimming squad welcomes friends and members of the LGBTIQ+ communities. Anthony died about 7 am on 10 February in northern NSW after walking in front of a truck. Earlier that morning his car was found abandoned on the highway.

Later it emerged that before his death, market gardeners Mark Frost and Lauren Grainger along with friend Craig Button detained Anthony at a nearby property and assaulted him.

Lauren Grainger told police the three did not know the dead man.

He had a knife

“Maybe 3.30 am, dude comes up the back veranda… and he just came running in. He had a knife and I was like ‘What the fuck? What are you doing?'”

Frost and Grainger’s friend Button was asleep in his car after a night of drinking with the couple. They woke him and the three took Anthony to a shed and after ‘frisking’ him for identification, sat him on a chair for questioning. Although they described him as not ‘overly aggressive’ they also mentioned that he looked like an ‘ice junkie’.

The police brief alleges the three actually tied Anthony Stott to the chair and bashed him with golf clubs. Police divers later retrieved the chair from a nearby waterway.

The three also photographed their captive and texted the images to friends asking if they knew who he was.

Witness: I see ghosts

One friend of Grainger said although she never recognised Anthony from the photograph, she did see ghosts in the image.

“I’m not a spiritual person, but after my uncle died, I see ghosts in photographs.

“I was actually freaking out because the person in the picture seemed to have demons on and around him and they were really scary.”

The 360-page brief apparently contains no explanation for why none of the three people charged over the incident called the police rather than conduct their own violent and illegal interrogation.

Anthony Stott’s out of character behaviour

After returning from a holiday in Peru, Anthony spent the weekend with his family in Sydney. His father told police that after his son woke up shaking from a nightmare, he asked if he was taking drugs. Anthony denied any drug use.

However, passengers on the afternoon flight Anthony took from Sydney to Brisbane allege he behaved bizarrely during the flight.

One woman spoke of Anthony “quite happily chatting to what seemed like voices in his head and having an inside giggle or joke with them.”

After the flight, the woman made a formal complaint to the airline regarding Anthony’s aggressive behaviour including yelling, swearing, and gesticulating. She also claims he undid his jeans and masturbated.

Frost, Grainger and Button are all contesting charges of detaining and assaulting Anthony Stott with intent to obtain advantage. No court date has yet been announced.

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