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Money Money Money. Despite failing to find support for her ‘Save Women’s Sport’ legislation and the spectacular own goal of the Katherine Deves debacle, Liberal Senator Claire Chandler continues a campaign of anti-trans fundraising.

Earlier this year, Senator Chandler proposed a private member’s bill allowing sports clubs to exclude transgender women from single-sex sports. Then, on the first day of the federal election campaign, the senator emailed supporters asking for donations to a $45,000 fundraising campaign. She wanted the money money money for an action fund to push back against “radical activists pushing their gender-fluid ideology and silencing women.”

Of course, the Liberals lost the election BIG TIME!

Also, you’d think the spectacular backfire of the anti-trans campaign conducted on the back of the Deves’ candidacy in Warringah would give pause for thought. Or the failure of appointed Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker to impress sufficient voters and become an elected senator.

And what about the overwhelming vote for progressive parties and candidates?

Labor, the Greens and the Teal Independents.

But politicians who sense the opportunity to build their profile through anti-trans shit-stirring are like the Little Engine That Could.

I think I can. I think I can.

Try and try again. *And ask for more money.

However high the profile of the current debate over women’s sport, most of the noise is pure shit-stirring. The issue will not find resolution via loud angry rants, ugly slurs and divisive us and themism. The federal election demonstrated that voters overwhelmingly want rational, fact-based decision-making.


Australian federal senators are extremely well paid with numerous additional benefits, taxpayer-funded staff, access to phenomenal resources etc etc etc.

But Senator Chandler needs another $45,000.

The Guardian reports that on Tuesday, Chandler sent another email to supporters asking for donations to ‘the next $45,000 action fund’.

Senator Chandler’s ‘Save Women’s Sport’ bill

It seems unlikely Chandler’s ‘Save Women’s Sport’ bill will see light anytime soon.

Labor Sports Minister Anika Wells stated previously that the ‘alienating bill can go right to the back of the shelf to gather dust’.

So, Chandler has promised supporters she will continue to ‘raise awareness’.

Perhaps most enlightening is the response of Chandler’s spokesperson when the Guardian asked what the $45,000 fund was for.

He said it was for supporters of the campaign to ‘contribute to that cause’.

Not exactly specific.

But… give me your money!

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