Moms for Liberty co-founder: Don’t come home til dick is wet.”

Bridget and Christian Ziegler moms for libertty till dick is wett
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A police investigation into a co-founder of Moms for Liberty found the ANTI LGBTQIA+ crusader sent her husband barhopping, texting him with explicit directions on picking up men for throuppples.


Occasionally, we like to check in on the modern-day crusaders – the moralists who create a God after their own image and then strive to have everyone else obey their rather convenient diety. Since LGBTQIA+ law reform began in the seventies, the crusader focus has often been on stopping and even reversing such reforms.

The political power and income of the crusaders often derive from their  anti-LGBTQIA+ activity. Yes. Bigots build careers on hatred — and hatred alone.

But so often, they fail to follow their own moral precepts. And that’s when we get really interested.

Who is Bridget Ziegler?

  • Co-founder of far-right Moms for Liberty.
  • Sits on Sarasota County school board and advocates for book bans.
  • Campaigns against LGBTQIA+ inclusivity.
  • Major supporter of Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill.

Throuppples & “Don’t come home until your dick is wet.”

Bridget Ziegler since left Moms for Liberty. However, she remains popular in far-right, religiously conservative MAGA circles

But now, a Sarasota Police Department investigation has revealed text messages from Bridget Ziegler to her barhopping husband directing him to send photos of possible three-way partners. She also instructs him on how to avoid being caught stalking.

The Moms for Liberty co-founder tells her husband, “Don’t come home until your dick is wet.”

But don’t worry about Moms for Liberty!

They already collected over $3 million from online donors for the 2024 election.

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