Moist? Doc Q recommends lube anyway: wetter is better


No matter how you like to play, squirting some lube on during sex is always a great idea. Don’t get me wrong, when things are heating up our bodies are designed to make things a little moister. But this shouldn’t stop you from reaching into that top draw for that bottle of sweet sweet lube. The lesson is simple: wetter is better.

Dr Rhys Young is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and has a special interest in LGBTQ+ individual & family health. He believes in the importance of good sexual health, STI screening & prevention, including PrEP prescribing.

Using lube is good for your sexual health

If you are having vaginal or anal sex remember that these areas can be dry. Lube gives moisture that allows proper stretching. More moisture means less friction. Less friction means less pain! If you’ve ever had a fissure (a small tear in the skin) you’ll know what I’m talking about. Small fissures can be annoying, but large fissures can lead to much bigger problems, sometimes even requiring surgery. And if you use condoms, lube makes them less likely to rip or tear, meaning fewer chances of pregnancy or STIs.

Water-based lubes are an easy go-to

Water-based lube is cheap, easy to wash off and work well with condoms. It’s good to try if you have sensitive skin or eczema. This lube is also a great option if you use toys as it doesn’t break down any of the materials. You’re not going to get away with one squirt though. Water-based lube dries up so keep the bottle ready and keep it flowing!

Lubing up with silicone or oil

Silicone-based lube is another common option. You’ll notice this lube is more oily so it ends up lasting a lot longer than water-based options. If you like to get hot and steamy in the shower, throw some silicone-based lube in there as well – it’s waterproof! Just don’t use it with silicone toys because they won’t last long. Also, check that your condoms are good with this type of lubricant.

Oil-based lubes is another long-lasting lube. It’s a popular choice for activities like fisting. You’ll need another option if you’re using condoms – they are likely to cause tearing and ripping.

Some lubricants come with special features!

If you haven’t tried giving head with salted caramel flavoured lube, add it to your sex bucket list! When using flavoured lubes just avoid the ones with sugar. Sugar in warm, dark & moist areas is a great fuel for a yeast infection!

You may have also heard of warming & cooling lubricants. These have ingredients like menthol that give a tingly hot or cold sensation. The key here is to test it out first, nothing will kill the mood like a crotch on fire!

Don’t skip on the real thing!

There are a lot of things people often swap out for lube. Products like vaseline, baby oil, soap or lotion can be super dangerous as the chemicals they used aren’t made to touch the internal parts of our skin. They can end up doing more harm than good. Also, while using spit might make you feel like you’re on the set of a steamy porno, it’s not a great lubricant. Saliva can easily spread STIs like chlamydia and gonorrhoea from the throat.

So spend some time getting moist! Sex should always be fun and enjoyable and lube only makes it easier to slip it in! Remember – wetter is better!

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Dr Rhys Young

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