Gaybies stage show
The Gaybies stage show

An intimate new stage show coming to the Brisbane Powerhouse will explore the issue of same-sex parenting and the love that binds all families together.

The script is drawn verbatim from interviews with people aged from four to forty who have grown up with same-sex parents, surrogate mums and donor dads.


“Gaybies is the perfect answer to anyone who has ever asked, “But what about the children?’” writer Dean Bryant explained.

The show originally opened at Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival to a warm reception, before travelling to Sydney last year.

This new Brisbane production stars acting talent Barbara Lowing, Bec Zanetti, and Emily Gilhome, alongside community figures Brisbane Festival Artistic Director David Berthold, Brisbane politician Pat O’Neil, queer commentator Blair Martin, and Brisbane theatre maker Margie Brown Ash, among others.

Director Kris Stewart said he chose the cast members carefully because he wanted “each person on stage to represent multiple layers.”

“On one level they’re giving voice to a child from an LGBTIQ family, and on another they’re a politician, an actor, an artistic director,” he said.

“We’re creating powerful theatre during a time in history where this is still a hot topic in Australia.”

Gaybies is playing at the Brisbane Powerhouse from February 3 to 6 as part of the Melt Festival. Tickets are on sale now.  CLICK HERE for info & tickets

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