Moana Hope’s moving tribute to ‘superhero’ wife after giving birth

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Ex-AFLW star Moana Hope has gushed about her “superhero” wife Isabella Carlstrom who delivered daughter Svea this week in a “pain relief-free” natural birth.

On Tuesday, the couple announced Carlstrom had given birth to their first child, daughter Svea. And overnight Hope posted a new Instagram photo of Isabella holding their newborn baby.

“I’ve been in love with this woman since the day I met her,” she wrote in the heartfelt post.

“My love for her is one that I didn’t think could get any stronger, and then you gave birth to our child.

“First, let me tell you giving birth is the most amazing, and most beautiful thing a human can do.

“It’s also the most exhausting, painful and scariest thing a human can do. Mostly scary for me watching the love of my life in pain and feeling helpless.

“Watching her push through 14 hours of labour was the hardest yet most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen.

“She made me feel like I could do anything, yet she was the one giving birth.

“Giving birth is not looked at or appreciated the way it should be. Women who give birth should be looked at like superheroes.

“Bell was our superhero, she did so amazing and I’m beyond proud of her. She wanted to attempt a natural birth (no pain relief) and she did it.

“@isabellasofiacarlstrom you are a rockstar, and Svea already has such a strong, beautiful and resilient Mumma to look up to.

“Thank you for bringing our Queen into this world. How the heck do you look this beautiful after giving birth.

“I would look a mess if I did what you did. I love you forever. Both of you.”


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Moana ‘completely in love’ with newborn daughter

In another post, Moana revealed she was “completely in love” with their newborn, whose full name is Svea Hope Calstrom.

“This is our little Queen. Her name is Svea Hope Carlstrom and she has stolen my heart in a way that I can’t put into words,” she said.

“She is our perfect and I’m completely in love. Haven’t sleep much coz I can’t stop looking at her and kissing her little face.”


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Moana Hope and Isabella Carlstrom announce pregnancy in May

Hope married Carlstrom, a model, last year and the couple announced their pregnancy in May.

“I’m grateful for the baby I’m about to bring into this world and grateful for the person I’m about to do that with,” Carlstrom recently wrote on Instagram.

“Spending the last nine months in lockdown with you has been truly special. Yes it was difficult but I’ve never felt more connected to you in my whole life.”

Hope also shared her views on parenting as a same-sex couple with her followers.

“Who is going to be the Dad? We get questions like that often,” she wrote in September.

“My personal opinion on what makes a parent … it’s not the gender, or who makes the money or who’s name it is on the birth certificate.

“It’s someone who loves, protects, and cares for their child. Someone who will never hurt their child. And someone who shows up for their family for the good and challenging times.

“Our baby is going to have two loving Parents and those parents happen to be Mums.

“BOTH of us will love our baby, we will work hard to always put food on the table, we both will make sacrifices for our baby.

“We will be a partnership, and we will work together to raise our baby the best we know how.”

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