Moana Hope blasts Victorian government’s ‘heartless’ Covid decision

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Moana Hope has slammed the Victorian government for suspending some IVF procedures for 90 days in Victoria as the state grapples with an Omicron Covid-19 wave.

Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley announced a ban on all non-urgent elective surgery earlier this month.

But additionally, he said IVF clinics were being asked to cancel their appointments with clients in a bid to free up more health resources.

The protocols came into effect on January 12 and are set to last 90 days, until April 12.

However IVF providers and some couples have slammed the suspension for disrupting their procedures.

Moana Hope, who is 18 weeks pregnant, took to Instagram to slam the Victorian government’s “heartless” and “frustrating” decision.

The former AFL star explained during her and her wife Isabella Carlstrom’s two pregnancies the couple underwent IVF (in vitro fertilisation) and IUI (intrauterine insemination) to conceive.

Hope, who is 18 weeks pregnant, said while an “amazing and exciting” journey, the process was also “one of the most emotionally exhausting experiences of my life.”

“Because everything you do is based on a date or time,” she said on Instagram.

“It’s always based on doing bloods every day or every second day based on if you’re ovulating.

“If you’re ovulating, are they going to get it at the peak of ovulation? And from there, it’s counting down to your next period and your next ovulation.”

“If it doesn’t work the first time, all you’re thinking about, is am I okay? Is it something wrong with me? Is that why it didn’t work?

“It’s so exhausting… You get great support but that’s the process. That’s just how it works.”

Petition calls for restart of IVF and fertility procedures

Moana Hope went on, “Do you know how many men and women and people [the IVF suspensions] will be affecting, mentally?

“People who have preparing for weeks and months and years.

“People who are [now] being told, hey, it’s not essential, you can wait, until around April.”

Moana explained that she had spoken to nurses who work in IVF clinics, and they have been “stood down.”

“I am sorry to all the couples, the women and men out there that are trying to start a family,” she said.

“I am sorry you are going through this. I’ve been there. And if I had been told I was not essential at that time, it would have broken my f___ing heart.”

Moana shared a petition calling on the Victorian government to reinstate fertility and IVF treatments. It’s attracted over 43,000 signatures.

“This is a devastating blow to the many people out there experiencing infertility and turning to treatment as a last (or only) resort in order to have a family,” the petition reads.

“IVF should not be put in the same category as those with elective surgery.

“For many, IVF is the ONLY option to have a family, so expecting people to ‘just try naturally’ during this time is misinformed and offensive.”

Moana Hope pregnant with her and wife Isabella Carlstrom’s second child

Last December, Moana Hope announced she was pregnant, and this week shared photos of of her growing baby bump.

The former AFLW star shared the photos of her holding her daughter Svea in the ocean.

“Ocean dips with my little Queen. She actually loves water and swimming more than anyone I know,” Hope wrote.

Moana also shared in the hashtags she is “#18weeks” along.

Last December she wrote, “2022 our little modern family will grow by one tiny human. Building our own little football team.

“We are using the same donor as Svea and we are all beyond excited. Not even the morning sickness can damper this mood. Thank you for making this possible @monashivf.”

Moana Hope has previously shared the couple’s plans for three children.

In November 2020, Isabella gave birth to the couple’s first child, daughter Svea.

She explained that her entire life, she had wanted to experience pregnancy herself.

She told The Ash London Podcast last October, “We’re going to have three babies.

“I’ll have the next one and Belle will have the third one – as long as I don’t have twins.

“I say to Belle every day, ‘I don’t know what you’re going through when you sit up all night and breastfeed. I can see it but I don’t know what it feels like.’

“For me, I’m so excited to now know how it feels like… I’m excited to go through it.”

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  1. Paul Mitchell
    18 January 2022

    Time to get rid of Daniel Andrews in November then! ➡️

  2. Peter Turner
    21 January 2022

    If you think it would be better under an LNP government then you are seriously deluded. They would quite happily do the ACL’s bidding and deny access to IVF for any same sex couple.

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