M&Ms late to the ‘stir up outrage for publicity’ party

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Mars Inc earlier this week attempted the old stir up outrage for publicity ploy with the announcement that M&Ms would become more inclusive. Rabidly anti-inclusivity yobs fell for the marketing blitz and announced boycotts they’ll honour for about five minutes. However, those favouring inclusivity generally laughed so hard many risked choking on handfuls of chocolate candy.

Mars Inc announced that M&M characters in advertisements will now possess “more nuanced personalities to underscore the importance of self-expression and power of community through storytelling.”

Another post detailed some of the changes.

“Green will embrace confidence and a new pair of kicks. Red will tone down the bossiness. Orange will acknowledge his anxiety…”

Not as anxious as the little orange f_cker will be when he sees this chocolate-loving writer’s chompers bearing down on his sugary arse.

Child slavery

Some commenters suggested on social media that Mars Inc made the changes to distract from a lawsuit about child slavery in Ivory Coast. But sadly, it appears the US Supreme Court disallowed the case because the slavery occurred outside the US.

Tucker Carlson from Fox News was of course all over the story. Can’t ever miss the chance to kick the crazy left – in this case, the crazy left being a multi-billion dollar corporation.

But others on social media took a more light-hearted approach.

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