Miss Universe Philippines comes out as bisexual

Michelle Dee Miss Philippines bisexual
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Michelle Dee, the recently crowned Miss Universe Philippines, has openly up about her bisexuality, expressing that she is “attracted to all forms of beauty, all shapes and sizes”. 

In a recent interview with Mega Magazine, the 28-year-old Dee revealed that she has been bisexual “for as long as I can remember”.

She went on to reveal that she chose to ccome out after older pictures surfaced online of her more androgynous style, leading fans to speculate about her sexuality.

Michelle Dee on taking control of the narrative

She also went on to discuss the pressure she was under to share her sexuality while competing in the competition, however chose not to as to not ‘cloud everyone’s judgement’:

“This is not about me. This is about the cause I’m fighting, advocating for: autism awareness. That’s my main goal. My identity is not what I want to be remembered for,” she says.

“I felt like coming out during the competition would shock everyone, and cloud everyone’s judgement.

“I also wanted to do that within my own timeline, and it wasn’t the right time. Because I want all of my focus and everyone’s focus to be on all the good causes.”

She also added, “I acknowledge that it was so malicious that I felt – and this applies to everyone – when somebody takes away your story, then you should take control of that narrative. Turn it around and make it an empowering story.

“So that’s what I’m doing. I feel that it’s so important when somebody tries to knock you down and use your past against you.

Latest in the ‘Queer Miss Universe’ club

Michelle isn’t the only Miss Universe to come out as queer, however.

Australia’s own former Miss Universe of 2020, Maria Thattil, also came out as bisexual on last year’s I’m a Celebrity.

“Growing up I always thought maybe I was a little bi-curious,” she revealed to a contestant on the show.

“I only ever dated straight people but growing up I did have crushes on girls.”

“Before I came here I was out at a party and I met a girl, and we ended up hooking up and it just felt natural,” she revealed.

“It just feels bloody good to say it,” she said.

Michelle Dee also joins the likes of Philippine’s Angela Ponce, who became the first openly trans contestant to compete in 2018.

Michelle Dee will go on to compete at the international Miss Universe competition in El Salvador at the end of the year.

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