Miriam Margolyes talks Sex: Whoopee, I might do that again

Miriam Margolyes talks Sex whoopee
Images: Miriam Margolyes Facebook & Leicester Mercury April 19, 1966

Always plain-spoken lesbian actress Miriam Margolyes talks sex on a recent podcast, admitting to past infidelity. She’s also reminded us of her response to her first lesbian sexual experience: “Whoopee, I might do that again.”

Miriam Margolyes has been with partner Heather for more than fifty years. But she says she wasn’t always a good girl.

“I wasn’t always. But I am now.”

In an interview with Gyles Brandreth for the Rosebud Podcast, Miriam Margolyes talks sex (and farting!) and admits to past infidelity.

“Well, I believe that we should be. I wasn’t always. But I am now.” 

Miriam told Gyles she knew Heather was ‘the one’ at first sight.

“We arranged to meet at the cinema and it was The Charge of the Light Brigade. And I looked at her and I thought, you’re the one. You are. That’s what I want for the rest of my life. 

“The moment I saw her I had no doubt. And of course, she had not a clue. She was white-haired. That was key for me.”

Speaking from decades of relationship experience, she advised listeners not to play up on their partners.

“You shouldn’t gamble with your happiness… Don’t muck about. It’s just not worth it.” 

19 Apr 1966, Tue Leicester Mercury (Leicester, Leicestershire, England) Newspapers.com

Miriam Margolyes talks lesbian sex: Whoopee!

Miriam’s discussion with Gyles reminded us of a previous podcast where she talked about her first lesbian sexual experience.

“And when it happened to me, that I was punctured, entered, deflowered… I’m not sure what you’d call it… I was given a good going-over by a woman and it was just fabulous. When you have good sex for the first time you honestly think, ‘Whoopee I might do that again’.”

However, the actor noted that she now regrets that she basically came out to her mother in those words. It was the 1960s, her mother disapproved of same-sex relationships, and Miriam’s honesty was met with “disgust and shock.” 

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