Miriam Margolyes says Zoe Terakes taught her about pronouns

Zoe Terakes and Miriam Margolyes talked about pronouns
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Miriam Margolyes has shared that it was a chat with transmasc Aussie actor Zoe Terakes that changed her view on gender-neutral pronouns.

The actress and author went on The Graham Norton Show at the weekend to talk about her latest book, Oh Miriam: Stories from an Extraordinary Life.

Miriam was asked by fellow guest Boy George whether her opinions still changed at age 82.

The octogenarian confirmed they did, giving the example of gender-neutral pronouns.

“I was very keen on grammar,” the author explained.

“So when people started talking about ‘them’ instead of ‘he/she’ I thought, ‘What the f__k?’

“It’s clear, it’s grammar, it’s the structure of language.”

However, Margolyes said her mind was changed by the Australian actor Zoe Terakes.

The non-binary and transmasculine actor who’s appeared in Wentworth, Talk to Me and Marvel’s upcoming Ironheart uses they/he pronouns.

Miriam explained that the two of them had discussed the subject. Miriam recalled Zoe saying to her, “What does it matter to you? If you can make somebody happy by calling them they instead of he or she, why not do it?”

“And I thought, that’s right! It doesn’t matter about grammar!” the actress said, to applause.

Miriam Margolyes wants to move in with partner Heather

Miriam Margolyes also shared on the show that she and her longtime partner Heather Sutherland want to move in together.

She and the Australian academic have been together for 55 years, but haven’t lived together and during the pandemic had to isolate separately.

“We are together, but we live apart. She is in Amsterdam, and I am in London but now we want to live together,” she told Graham Norton.

“I really do want to live with her because we are old, and we haven’t got much time left. It is silly to live apart.”

Miriam Margolyes was on Graham Norton promoting her book, which is filled with intriguing stories from her decades in the entertainment industry.

“It’s not quite as rude as the first [book],” she explained.

“I wanted to talk about the more serious part of my life, so people don’t just think I am a maniac. I am a real person.”

The Graham Norton Show is streaming in Australia on 10Play.

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