Miriam Margolyes says she’s making bank on video site Cameo

Miriam Margolyes has written new book Oh Miriam!
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Actress and international treasure Miriam Margolyes says she’s making an “enormous” amount of money on personalised video service Cameo.

The TV personality and author, who can deliver an anecdote with the best of them, said she charges $AU190 per video message she records for fans on the platform.

The 82-year-old revealed business is booming as she spoke about the lucrative side hustle at the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts in the UK.

She said some of the wilder requests were from fans who want marriage proposals.

“There is a website called Cameo and people pay you to say happy birthday to people they love,” Miriam said.

“Sometimes, I’m asked to cheer up someone with terminal cancer. This is not easy. Sometimes I’m asked to propose to somebody on behalf of the person who’s paying me.

“I enjoy it. I do as many as I can. And I charge £100 and I’ve made an enormous amount of money.

“I’m not ashamed of that. I think that’s perfectly fair.”

Miriam added, “Don’t think I don’t like money. I love money, I love it and I want as much of it as I can get. I’m greedy for it.”

Miriam Margolyes on her beef with Lily Allen

Speaking at the festival, Miriam Margolyes also spoke about her truly iconic appearances on The Graham Norton Show. Miriam recalled the one guest she “disliked” was Lily Allen.

“When she was on, she thought it was all about her,” Miriam said of the British singer.

“She thought, ‘Who is this woman? Miriam who?’ She wasn’t friendly and I didn’t like that. So I showed my dislike.

“It wasn’t very nice of me because she was much younger than me and I should have just taught her how to behave.”

Recently, Miriam Margolyes has suffered some health issues. After a heart procedure, Miriam embarked on another Australian road trip for the ABC earlier this year.

Miriam Margolyes: Impossibly Australian saw the British-Australian citizen travel to three of our regional cities to meet the locals.

The three-part series is streaming on ABC iview.

Miriam Margolyes released her latest book Oh Miriam!: Stories from an Extraordinary Life last year.

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