Miriam Margolyes gives her take on the Voice referendum

Miriam Margolyes in Voice referendum yes video
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Actress, writer and Australian citizen Miriam Margolyes has backed the Yes vote in the Voice referendum, and given a withering rebuke to one of the No campaign’s slogans.

Early voting is now underway in the national vote ahead of polling day on October 14.

Aussies will be asked “to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice. Do you approve this proposed alteration?”

Miriam Margolyes says yes, and has weighed in with her thoughts on the vote in a video on social media.

The British-Australian actress said she recorded a video about the vote “but it was so full of swear words, that I felt it wasn’t appropriate.”

In the new version, the actress explained, “All I want is for you to say yes to the referendum on October 14.

“If you’re Australian, please think of the future of Australia. I love this country, I want it to work.”

Miriam has been in a relationship with her Australian partner Heather Sutherland for over 50 years. She became an Australian citizen in 2013.

Miriam reflected on that process in her Voice referendum video. She recalled her citizenship papers referring to the Australian ideal of “a fair go”.

“That’s what we have to give Aboriginal people, First Nations people,” she said.

‘If you don’t know, jolly well find out’

Miriam Margolyes also had a simple response to the “no” campaign’s slogan, “If you don’t know, vote no.”

“If you don’t know what it’s about, jolly well find out! And ‘jolly well’ are not the first words I used,” Miriam said.

“This is important. We have a chance to give Australia the future it deserves.

“Don’t vote no. Don’t listen to the people who lie. Please, it’s yes, yes, yes.”

Miriam Margolyes on the ‘fair go’

Last year, the ABC sent Miriam Margolyes across the country to ask a diverse range of Aussies about what a “fair go” means to them in modern Australia.

That three-part ABC docuseries Australia Unmasked followed her hit 2020 docuseries Almost Australian. Both are streaming on ABC iview if you haven’t seen them.

Last month, Miriam Margolyes released her latest book, Oh Miriam!: Stories from an Extraordinary Life.

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  1. one24four
    10 October 2023

    I love and admire Miriam so very much, largely for her personality and character. While I don’t normally gravitate to idolising a celebrity, mainly because most of them have a vested interest in the public believing they are always genuine, Miriam just feels different to this. When you see her in her little documentaries that she does, she always seems to be so real. Not a face full of Botox, fillers and makeup. Not a forced smile for the camera in order not to offend anyone and keep all fans happy across the board. Miriam is so much more personable… so if she thinks ‘yes’ is a good idea, then so do I … 🙂

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