Miriam Margolyes campaigns for ‘The Big Gay Donation’

Miriam Margolyes Big Gay Donation
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Beloved actress Miriam Margolyes is the face of a campaign to bring the 2030 World Cup to an LGBTQ+ friendly host country.

Qatar’s anti-LGBTQ policies have become a flashpoint in the controversial World Cup tournament; between national teams facing punishment for wearing rainbow “One Love” armbands and the suspicious death of “rainbow shirt” journalist Grant Wahl.

In response, the “Big Gay Donation” hopes to persuade the-definitely-not-corrupt officials in charge of selecting the World Cup’s host country to choose an LGBTQIA+-friendly destination.

“Queer people across the globe love football — we just can’t support it like everyone else. We’ve seen how Qatar feels about us gays,” Miriam Margolyes says in the video.

“If that wasn’t a big enough kick in the tits, the 2030 World Cup could be given to another host nation that criminalizes LGBTQ+ people, judging by the countries currently bidding for it.”

“Have you considered the Netherlands?,” she cheekily asks in the advert.

“They love the gays!”

‘It’s our big gay duty to make sure this doesn’t happen again’

The gofundme currently stands at £15,492 ($27,943 AUD). And while it may not be enough to bribe FIFA,  the campaign sends a strong statement about the importance of inclusivity.

“Queer people across the globe love football. We just can’t support it like everyone else, because the World Cup is currently being held in Qatar – and we all know how Qatar feels about the gays,” the campaign reads.

“It’s our big gay duty to make sure this doesn’t happen again. After all, a world cup without queer people just isn’t a world cup.

Luckily, it turns out the wonderful, upstanding people who run football love “donations”.

So we thought we’d create one of our own. The Big Gay “Donation”.

“A “donation” so big and gay and persuasive, it can convince the lovely, open-minded, honest people who run football to hold the 2030 world cup in an LGBTQ+ friendly host nation.”

So if you’re a great big gay and you love football, or if you love football and also gays, please share and donate whatever you can to the Big Gay “Donation”.

And if FIFA doesn’t choose to accept The Big Gay Donation? All money raised will go to LGBTQIA+ charity Stonewall.

To donate, visit gofundme.

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