Minnie Driver:’I’ll Die If I’m Not In The Will & Grace Reboot’

Will & Grace Minnie Driver

Actress Minnie Driver really, really wants to be in the upcoming revival series of “Will & Grace”.

Minnie Driver played Karen Walker’s gold-digging arch-nemesis Lorraine Finster in several episodes of the hit NBC sitcom, and told the Los Angeles Times she needs to be in the show’s upcoming revival.

“I will die if I’m not in the Will & Grace reboot,” she said.

“My head will explode in front of [NBC’s company] Universal Studios. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do. I’ll do anything.

“There’s nowhere Lorraine Finster couldn’t have gone. She could be marrying Prince Harry!”

Minnie heaped praise on the sitcom’s cast and crew, who she described as “geniuses, across the board.”

“That was honestly one of the happiest times in my life. I’ve never laughed so much shooting a show,” she said.

“I just want to be in it, even if it’s for five minutes.”

She recalled filming one of her favorite scenes on the show, which involved Karen retrieving stolen jewellery Lorraine had stashed up her skirt.

“They couldn’t use the laugh track of the audience when we did that because it was so funny,” she recalled.

“That was on network television, primetime!”

Earlier this month, NBC announced the new series of Will & Grace had expanded from 10 episodes to 12.

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