Michael Henry on Cut vs Uncut. Cue WWIII in 3,2,1…

Cut vs Uncut michael henry

YouTube comic Michael Henry’s latest video ventures where braver souls fear to tread — the age-old Cut vs Uncut debate. It’s a topic often banned on gay forums when disagreements escalate to rancorous battles royale.

Scroll down for Michael Henry’s Cut vs Uncut vid.

When Michael Henry joins three friends under a tree and announces his fondness for uncircumcised penii, one denounces foreskin as ‘unnatural’.

But another claims to possess a Ph.D. in circumcision and recites a few rehearsed facts for the benefit of folks at home.

When Michael Henry’s pro-circumcision friends call a pass on foreskins, he calls them prudes.

“You guys need to diversify your penile portfolios.”

Sadly, the video is about as spontaneous as the response of Drag Race contestants trying to sound enthusiastic when RuPaul announces a celebrity they’ve never heard of as a special guest star.

But, different strokes for different folks.

Michael Henry resorts to searching his phone and discovers that 76 to 92% of American boys undergo circumcision versus 20% elsewhere.

But of course, circumcision also remains common in Middle-Eastern countries. Some Asian and African countries also routinely practice penile circumcision for either religious or cultural reasons.

Indeed, statistics indicate circumcision became less prevalent in the US in recent years. However, some African countries see an increased rate because circumcision is believed to lower the chances of contracting HIV.

According to the Victorian Department of Health, fewer than 20% of Australian boys undergo circumcision today. In the years following WWI, Australian doctors routinely circumcised newborn boys with a rate of around 80% in the 1950s. That increased during the 60s and 70s before beginning to decline in the 80s.

Anyway, enjoy the video if you will. It’s allegedly very entertaining. And no blood was spilt or foreskins harmed in the making.

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Michael Henry: Cut vs Uncut

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