Victoria Police are investigating the brutal bashing of a man near the public toilets in St Kilda Botanical Gardens. 

Danny Levi Bryce-Maurice, 32, was subjected to homophobic abuse while being told he was “in the wrong toilet.”

Bryce-Maurice, who was enjoying a friend’s birthday party, told MCV he was approached by two men.

One said to me: ‘What the f***, I thought this was the men’s toilet not the women’s. Then they started screaming at me to get out of there,’” he said.

When he left the toilet, Bryce-Maurice was elbowed in the head and pushed against a wall.

Later, his friends escorted him back to confront the men when Bryce-Maurice was repeatedly kicked in the head.

The attack only stopped when the men were informed the police had been called.

Bryce-Maurice sustained a broken nose, swelling of the face, numerous cuts to his scalp, and tissue and muscle injuries in his left shoulder and left thigh and was kept overnight at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Victoria Police confirmed the incident, saying a 32-year-old man was assaulted in an alleged prejudice-motivated attack.

Danny Levi Bryce-Maurice - Gay BashedThe following day, Bryce-Maurice related his ordeal on Facebook:

SORRY TO REPORT but has to be done…
Yesterday I was the victim of a hate crime, again! This time it was a homophobic attack.
I was bashed by a group of young males, they broke my nose and gave me a good overall beating. Spent the night in hospital, relieved to be home.
This is the first time I have publicly shared a story like this but sadly this kind of brutality is not new to me, it has been happening for my whole life and while I am so fed up with all of the evil in th…e (sic) world I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!
Friends, family and freaks of mine, we must stand united and never let them have the satisfaction of seeing us give in to the bullying and hateful ways of evil “humans”! Anyhoo (sic) here’s to a speedy and hopefully full recovery of my “moneymaker” and to catching these f**king scum!


* If you wish to speak to an Queensland Police LGBTI liaison officer just advise the officer taking your complaint or contact PoliceLink on 131 444 who will identify a liaison officer in your area.

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