Meet The Drag Queens Of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

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Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley have reprised their iconic roles as Eddy and Patsy in the long-awaited Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, and the duo go on the run after accidentally killing supermodel Kate Moss.

And as well as scores of celebrity cameos, Ab Fab: The Movie will also feature a supporting cast full of fabulous UK drag queens.

A new teaser video released to promote the upcoming film features glimpses of a scene from the film in which Eddy’s daughter Saffy visits a drag club in pursuit of her mother, and gets roped into a leading a karaoke night singalong

Julia Sawalha, who plays Saffy, reveals that she was “overwhelmed” filming the scene but the drag queens “were all so sweet and kind” and shooting the scene was one of her favourite days on the movie.

“Every time [the drag queens] had to scream at me, every time I got off the stage they were like, ‘Oh sorry, we didn’t mean it, we love you really!’” she said.

UK drag queen Glam Roo, who features in the scene, said being on the set was “a drag education”, while queen Charlie Hides said: “For most of the people here, it’s a dream come true to be part of it.”

Glee star Chris Colfer, who plays Christopher in the movie, said: “The drag queens, oh my god! The outfits and the makeup and the talent that it took to make those looks – and they all did it themselves!”

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie will open in Australia on August 4.

Watch the teaser video below:

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