Meet Brisbane’s queer parenting influencers

The two Brisbane mamas in white and beige outfits hold their baby in their arms while sitting on a grey couch.
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Kat from @two.brisbane.mamas chats to QNews about their journey to having children and becoming parenting influencers on social media.

Brisbane couple Kat and Kirsten Jamieson-Hardwood and their two children Gigi and Mateo have become social media sensations. 

Across their @two.brisbane.mamas accounts on Instagram and TikTok they have over 200,000 followers from across the world. 

However, becoming influencers wasn’t their aim when becoming a family. 

The couple met at Brisbane’s iconic Beat Megaclub over a decade ago. 

We locked eyes on the dance floor and danced together to Cotton Eye Joe. It wasn’t pretty but it was pure magic. After months of hanging out we finally admitted to ourselves that we were in love with each other and that it was time to u-haul,“ she tells me. 

It was clear, however, that if the relationship was to be long-term, starting a family would be part of the deal. 

“We had the conversation about having children early on. Kirsten had said from the very start that she wanted to have a family and to carry children. I was quite apprehensive as I wasn’t maternal and didn’t ever see myself having kids at all. She was firm that it was a non-negotiable for her and after a lot of honest conversations, we decided that the goal would be to start trying in five years, once we had travelled and were married”, Kirsten explains.

The journey to having children was a tricky one, with multiple IVF rounds and a lot of heartbreak along the way. Eventually, though, the couple were blessed with their children and any fears Kat initially had were gone. 

“Thankfully my immediate postpartum experience was nothing short of everything I had hoped for. Gigi and I had an instant connection and Kirsten had an immediate bond with her,” she says. 

Why social media?

Following Kirsten having their son Matteo, the couple decided to share their experience as a young family with the world. 

I ask Kat why they went down this path. 

“One word: representation,” she says. 

“I wish we had ‘normal’ same-sex families to see growing up. We believe it’s important for the future of our children that LGBTQ+ families can feel equal enough to share space next to heteronormative families. We need to see more diversity everywhere, and we love that we can in some small way share our lives in the hope that it inspires, educates or resonates with other humans.” 

With the success of their channel, they bring visibility of their rainbow family to hundreds of thousands of people and also offer tips and share their experiences.

“We feel we can help support, recommend or facilitate information for others who may be on the journey to parenthood themselves,” Kat explains. 

Becoming an “influencer”

 Despite the obvious impact they are having on people’s lives, they struggle with the term “influencers”. 

“We always have a giggle when people refer to us as influencers,” Kat says. 

“Our life is still the same in many ways but since sharing parts of our life and creating content through social media we have been so lucky to meet so many wonderful, influential and supportive people.”

Although there has been an overwhelmingly positive response, there is a downside to being so visible. 

“Online trolling, abuse and censorship would be the negatives of sharing our journey online. It used to be draining and exhausting but now we reply if we feel like it or block and delete the energy right off our page,” Kat says.  

Advice for families

For couples thinking of starting a family, Kat shares some advice. 

“Start earlier than you would think. We severely underestimated the timelines we thought we would be able to control. Another important aspect is the financials, we saved a lot to be able to afford private health and care throughout our journey so researching and contacting multiple fertility clinics and asking for their pricing is a must,” she says. 

However, she feels having a support network is an important consideration. 

“We felt overwhelmingly isolated throughout our first round which was the push we needed to start our page. It takes a village, so accept help when you need it and believe in the magic that still exists. It is a small sacrifice for long-term gain and if you want to have a family of your own, whatever that may look like to you – then go for it!”

Follow @two.brisbane.mamas on Instagram and TikTok to get an insight into the lives of Kat, Kirsten and their family.


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