Matthew Mitcham reveals the special requests he gets on OnlyFans

Matthew Mitcham stretches over a pool in nude Instagram photo
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Olympic golden boy Matthew Mitcham has gotten candid about the requests he’s getting from subscribers on his OnlyFans.

The retired Olympic diver joined the platform in the past couple of months. Speaking to KIIS 101.1 radio hosts Jase and Lauren, Matthew revealed his motivation for joining OnlyFans was simple – “the money” – and he says he’s making a lot of it.

“It’s stupid – if I made this much money diving, I’d be going to my fifth Olympics next year. It’s brilliant,” he said.

Asked by the hosts if he’s showing off “the full diving board” on the platform, Matthew replied, “It’s the art of the tease, you know? I’ve only shown the fulcrum, the very top, no full diving board yet.

“Got to leave something for people to hang around.”

During the chat Matthew Mitcham also shared some of the requests he’s getting from his subscribers.

“If you want to see my feet, I will post a picture of my feet. You have no idea how many people are into feet. It blows my mind,” Matthew said.

“I get everything. I get people wanting to see me in different kinds of underwear.

“People want to purchase my old underwear. The older the better. I’m happy to do that because they want my oldest undies that I would’ve thrown out anyway. I think I under-charge.

“I only sell my old undies for $250. But I was watching a TV show, and a boxer said people buy her used socks for like a grand so I think I’m very, very reasonably priced.”

Matthew Mitcham follows Moira Rose’s advice

The Olympic diver said he also regularly hosts Q&A sessions with his followers.

“It is just an opportunity for people to get to interact with me on a more personal level, where they may not otherwise have the chance and get to ogle my body,” he said.

“[Schitt’s Creek matriarch] Moira Rose said, ‘Take a thousand naked photographs of yourself while you’re young and beautiful.’ So I took 8000 just to be safe.”

Matthew Mitcham became the first openly gay male Olympic gold medal champ at the 2008 Beijing Games.

Matthew’s husband Luke Rutherford has had his own OnlyFans page for a while, under the name Mr Male Massage, where he posts sexually explicit massage videos.

The couple got married in 2020 in a gorgeous European wedding.

Last month, Matthew Mitcham celebrated seven years of sobriety after struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

He announced the milestone achievement on Instagram, saying he was “the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been”.

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  1. Peter Turner
    21 February 2023

    I’m happy for Matthew that he’s been able to capitalise on his celebrity in this way however I think it’s sad that he has to.
    Had he been a str8 Olympian he would probably be enjoying a lucrative career in the media by now.

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