Matt Bomer about coming out to his religious family

Magic Mike actor Matt Bomer has opened up about his experience coming out as gay to his religious parents in Texas.

The 39-year-old told Out Magazine: “I was raised in a conservative Christian household. We weren’t even allowed to watch ‘secular’ television, anything that was deemed not proper for Christians.

“I really view my life as divided between the time before I told my parents, and the time after.

“And the decisions I made, and the life I lived, before and after, are vastly different. It’s night and day.”

In the interview Matt recalled his younger years as an unknown actor starring in plays like “Romeo and Juliet” at the Utah Shakespeare Festival, and the moment he realised he had to come out to his family.

“I remember there was someone there who was a hair and makeup artist who I found really inspiring,” he recalled.

“I thought, if this person can live their truth, what am I doing? I was dating a girl in the company at the time.”

Matt said he chose to write a letter to his parents, because “I would have lost my sense of direction if I tried to do it in person.”

“There was radio silence for a long, long time, at least six months,” he said.

“I came home and it was then the blowup that I’d always feared. But we got that out of the way and we got down to the business of figuring out how to love each other.

“It’s a struggle for anybody to take their paradigms and their set of beliefs and their set of understandings and completely flip the script. So I’m empathetic towards everyone, and my family is so loving.

“My mom just asked me, [my husband] Simon, and the boys to go down and speak to her women’s group in Houston so I’m here to tell people it can get better.”

Matt Bomer said in an interview last year he and partner Simon Hall, a Hollywood publicist, privately wed in 2011. The couple have three sons together.

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