Matt Agnew and Khanh Ong aren’t a couple, just mates who cuddle

MasterChef star Khanh Ong and Matt Agnew
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The Bachelor‘s Matt Agnew and Masterchef‘s Khanh Ong have addressed those rumours that they’re a couple, saying they’re just platonic best mates who happen to cuddle.

Astrophycist Matt appeared on Bachelor Australia looking for a lady in 2019. Chef and MasterChef fave Khanh Ong, who’s gay, has competed on a few seasons of the cooking competition.

This week, the two men addressed the chatter online that they’re romantically involved after striking up a close friendship a few years ago.

Recently, the two friends posted their holiday to Vietnam together all over Instagram. Khanh Ong said after the posts, he got a flood of questions.

Speaking on his podcast Feast with co-host Sarah Davidson and guest Matt, the two men recalled it all started in the Instagram DMs, with Khanh messaging the “very hot” Bachelor.

“I was in Sydney, 2021 I reckon, I remember what it was. The message was ‘woof’,” Matt recalled.

“I actually Googled it because I was like, does this mean something, is this slang?

“It was a fairly organic friendship that developed. The less organic part was that it was brokered on Instagram and DMs. But then we just became really good mates.

“[We’ve got] a lot in common and enjoyed hanging out. There’s not really much more to add. Maybe much more to people’s disappointment we’re not an item.”


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Khanh Ong and Matt Agnew spark rumours with Vietnam holiday

Khanh Ong explained that he and Matt “became friends and started having dinners” together.

“I think what’s confusing for people at home is it’s not a very conventional gay man/straight man relationship,” he said.

Khanh pointed out if he were to “watch a movie and spoon” with his female co-host Sarah, it “would be so normal”.

“But when [Matt and I] do it — oh they must be dating if they’re spooning,” he said.

Khanh added, “We were friends and it got to a point where we were like, do you just want to watch a movie and sit and hold hands?

“I was missing the companionship. The sex is easy but the company was the hard thing to find. It kind of just worked.”


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‘Blokes need to do more of this’

Speaking about his close friendship with Khanh Ong, Matt Agnew said he wants to see physical intimacy and affection between all men normalised.

“It’s the lack of affection straight men show other men that people assume there must be something sexual there,” he said.

“Being affectionate and tactile with your friends, and blokes especially need to do more of this.

“Everyone should be comfortable enough in their sexuality that they don’t feel uncomfortable showing affection, men or women.


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“There’s that random line in the sand — blokes can’t show affection — which is stupid.

“Humans are very social creatures. Cuddling is important, that physical comfort, and being able to feel safe.

“It’s something inherently human, and not inherently female. That’s the cultural norm that needs to be uprooted.

“Everyone wants physical comfort and inclusion. It’s definitely something that should be normalised. It helps you mentally feel better.”


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