Mass stranding of penis fish in California

penis fish
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It was penis fish lover’s heaven in California last week after a mass stranding of the throbbing worms on Drake’s Beach in Marin County. Exposed to the elements, the penis fish risked being gobbled up as seagulls swooped in, hungry for the tasty 10-inch morsels.  

Colloquially known as penis fish, the aquatic phallus goes by the name of the Fat Innkeeper Worm in proper company. Scientists know it as the Urechis unicinctus, a species of marine spoon fish. South Koreans call it the gaebul or Dog Dick.

Dog Dick

Indeed, gulls are not alone in their appetite for the big pink slugs. In South Korea, gourmands regard Dog Dick as a delicacy.

Why it’s a delicacy who knows? Adventurous eaters describe the worm as relatively tasteless, normally served raw with salt and drizzled sesame oil.

Then, of course, many of us have probably put worse in our mouths.

Anyway, at least the Dog Dick is not actually a dog dick.


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Penis fish mass stranding


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Penis fish usually live in burrows in muddy sand. Hence the name Fat Innkeeper Worm because other animals share the burrow.

However, strong storms can break up the sediment and wash the worms from their burrows and leave them washed up on the shore.

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