Married At First Sight viewers slam outing of bisexual groom at wedding

married at first sight bisexual groom
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Married At First Sight Australia viewers have panned the reality show after its first bisexual groom was outed at his wedding in Monday night’s episode.

Last night 29-year-old Brisbane man Liam Cooper and bride Georgia Fairweather entered the show as intruders and tied the knot.

The Channel Nine show’s other couples also attended their wedding. Liam was talking with them at the reception when other bride Rebecca Zemek asked him outright about his sexuality.

Rebecca was grilling the couple about what their “non-negotiables” for partners were.

Georgia told the group she would really struggle if her partner was “super judgmental and close-minded”.

“What are yours, Liam?” Rebecca asked, to which Cooper responded he didn’t have any.

“So what if they didn’t swing your way?” Rebecca replied, “is that a non-negotiable?”

“That’s fine,” Liam replied, to which Georgia asked, “Are you bisexual?”

“I am, yeah, yeah,” a rattled Liam said, to an awkward silence and laughter from the women.

The groom then told producers on camera, “I can’t believe that that just happened in front of everyone.”

Later, he and Georgia were shown discussing the moment one-on-one, where she reassured Liam.

Married At First Sight groom’s outing ‘disrespectful’

Some MAFS viewers initially applauded the show for introducing its first bisexual male participant.

However many said the uncomfortable exchange in the episode “disgusted” them. Some also suspected the show’s producers set up the conversation.

“I’m bisexual myself and the way your producers advertised this episode and treated Liam’s bisexuality like a scandal possibility was disgusting,” one person wrote.

Another wrote, “Reality TV being what it is, if that convo about Liam was staged or planned, #MAFS just sunk to a new level of s**t.”

“She really acted like being bisexual is the same as having a criminal record. Do better,” one person wrote.

“He should never have been outed like that, and for them to then laugh at him the way they did. Very disappointed the way #MAFS set that all up for shock value,” someone else tweeted.

“F**k #MAFS for pushing a bi scandal storyline. Super disrespectful to not only Liam but also your viewers. @MarriedAU reflect,” another person tweeted.

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Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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1 Comment

  1. Russell Pollard
    20 April 2021

    I get it that publicly outing some evil bastard who is hypocritically, poisonously, demeaning other people when they engage in the same behaviours themselves, is sometimes a reasonable political tactic.

    I’ve never been comfortable with it and certainly uncomfortable where the outing raises a bigoted assumption that the outed quality means there is something wrong with the outed person.

    Denigrating someone because of their sexuality or their private sexual activities is almost always the act of a cur, a repressed Judge Judy sad sack . . . a smart arse loser.

    The people who have been calling this “garbage” television have hit the nail
    on the head. What kind of television in the 21st century Australia says it’s OK to laugh at someone for being bisexual.

    God knows how the producers set it up and had it edited, but frankly they are the ones responsible for all of the trash that’s selected to go to air. You’d think that after all the exposés there’ve been on this kind of manipulated television, people would just watch something with a bit more integrity. Porn springs to mind.

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