‘Married At First Sight’ Gay Groom Says None Of The Show Is Real

Married At First Sight Andy Craig

One of the gay grooms who appeared on Channel Nine reality series Married At First Sight has said he made a “stupid mistake” by going on the show and that it’s “anything but reality”.

Craig Roach and Andy John were married at a picturesque ceremony in New Zealand but after spending only days together they “divorced” during their honeymoon.


But now Craig (pictured, right) has explained in a lengthy Facebook post published by News.com.au: “I made a stupid mistake earlier in the year and put myself on Married At First Sight.

“Although I have no regrets doing the show I am sure you realise it’s all edited and nothing you see is what was the actual events.”

In the post, Craig wrote that the Married At First Sight was “anything but reality.”

“I was filmed for five days with barely any sleep,” he wrote.

“Fortunately for me I knew within 24 hours that this guy wasn’t good for me at all and got the — out of there.

“We were required by the producers to shoot some footage of us getting to know each other … so I agreed to do 2 scenes of us spending time together that was all scripted.

“I would just like to thank everyone who has been an amazing support and for all the beautiful messages.”

The show attracted criticism when it was first announced a same-sex couple would star, but both Andy and Craig said having their ceremony screened on national television was a positive step.