Woman Finds ‘More Than A Dozen Postal Survey Forms Dumped In Her Yard’

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A Melbourne woman said she has found more than a dozen unopened same-sex marriage postal survey form envelopes dumped behind her carport in the suburb of Brunswick.

Kerry Ford showed Fairfax Media the stash of 17 letters, addressed to houses in surrounding streets, that she found after she returned home from a holiday this week.


Ford, who’s in a same-sex relationship and has two children, said the incident reveals the major faults in the survey.

“I think it happened last week, some of them have been eaten by snails. Our postal votes have also been stolen,” she told Fairfax Media.

“The upsetting thing is not so much how it happened but that it shows how completely inefficient the process is.

“It’s not a true representation of people’s views if people may or may not vote or may not follow up their voting paper.”

She said she handed the envelopes over to the police, as per instructions from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said that stealing, tampering with or opening another person’s mail is a criminal offence carrying serious penalties.

“If you receive a survey form not addressed to you, do the right thing and just return it to sender,” deputy statistician Jonathan Palmer said.

“It’s illegal to open others’ mail, unless you have their express permission as a trusted person.”

All survey forms should be distributed by September 25. If your form hasn’t arrived you can request a replacement form from the ABS between September 25 and October 20.

The Australian Bureau of Stastics has encouraged people to return the forms by October 27, with a final deadline of November 7 before the result is announced on November 15.

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