The parliamentary debate of legalising same-sex marriage is on hold until at least mid-June.

But the homophobic hate mail aimed at the politician behind the private bill certainly is not.

Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm has revealed the extent of vile mail directed to his office, even including death threats.

One handwritten note calls him a “filthy animal” and states “someone should give you a blast of shotgun. Preferably in the stomach”.

It not only threatens his life but also warns “there will be a curse on you and your family”.

But Senator Leyonhjelm, who has been together with the woman he calls his “wife” for 30 years although choosing not to legally marry, has vowed not to be deterred from having his bill debated.

We actively support freedom of speech, but this does not reflect well on the company people who oppose our Freedom to Marry Bill are keeping,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

Many of the letters warn of a “harmful” effect on society if the bill is passed.

They include:

  • Comparing homosexuality to “alcoholism, paedophilia, gambling, raping”.
  • If we assume homosexuality is genetically based, it still does not make it desirable or appropriate.”
  • Homosexuals are not born homosexuals … homosexuality is a choice. Choices are influenced by our inherent sinful nature and the pervertedness of the society in which we live.”
  • How come you are a qualified vet and yet you don’t seem to realise that bisexuality, paedophilia and homosexuality are all biological defects of sexual attraction. None of these can be condoned in our society.”

Senator Leyonhjelm’s Freedom To Marry Bill simply aims to “prevent the government from stopping two people from getting married on the grounds that they are not a man and a woman”.

It’s based on the view that people ought to have the freedom to choose their own life path. As John Stuart Mill said, ‘over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign’,” he wrote in an article for the Sydney Morning Herald last week.

My bill requires nothing more than tolerance – a decision to stop minding other people’s business.”

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