Marilyn Monroe: home decor for the inventive crim

Marilyn Monroe

Sixty years after her death, Marilyn Monroe remains an icon. Her image also remains a popular element of modern home decor. But a Western Australian man trying to avoid cops bearing warrants has taken that to new heights.

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WA Police looking for a man with outstanding warrants found him in a covert space hidden behind a giant mural of Marilyn Monroe. Like those old movies where wall candelabras or the 13th book from the left on the second top shelf served as secret levers which when pulled caused tonnes of solid stone wall to pivot around and reveal a hidden passage.

The West Australian man emerged from concealment behind the giant mural and immediately shook the hands of the arresting officers. It seems he found himself in awe of the super-sleuths who looked at the painting of Marilyn and thought, ‘My, my, my. What have we here?’

A Google search for Marilyn Monroe decor returns over 22 million results. She remains a queer favourite, 60 years after her death, probably eclipsing Madonna and Lady Gaga etc. In fact, portraits of Marilyn Monroe are the Number One decor item employed by groups of gay4pay adult webcam models wanting to convince viewers they are really, really gay. (Not that I ever look at such sites. A lady with very long lashes wearing a sequinned gown told me about it at Bingo.)

Many webcam viewers want to believe the broadcasters actually enjoy the sex acts they perform and are not just in it for the cash. So, gay4pay performers frequently attempt to prove they are gay. And it seems nothing is gayer than Marilyn Monroe gazing down upon a bright-coloured vinyl couch and a box of wet wipes.

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