Margaret Court Wins Award For ‘Most Homophobic Comment Of 2017’

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Australian tennis great Margaret Court has won this year’s Golden GLORIA award for comments deemed to be the most homophobic in the last 12 months.

The GLORIAs — the Gay and Lesbian Outrageous, Ridiculous, and Ignorant Awards — are organised by New South Wales Greens MP Penny Sharpe, and highlight the year’s the worst anti-LGBTIQ comments and behaviour by high profile figures to send a message that homophobia and transphobia are not acceptable.

More than 100 people attended the tongue-in-cheek awards ceremony at the NSW Parliament on Tuesday night and the winner was decided after a “boo-off”.

Court last year said that homosexuality was an ungodly “lust for the flesh” and said compared the “gay lobby” to Hitler for trying to “get in the minds of children”.

“You can think, ‘I’m a boy’ and it’ll affect your emotions and feelings and everything else. That’s all the devil. That’s what Hitler did,” she said in an interview with Vision Christian Radio.

“That’s what communism did – get in the minds of the children.

“There’s a whole plot in our nation and in the nations of the world to get in the minds of the children.

“They’re after our young ones, that’s what they’re after.”

Meanwhile, the “no” campaigners from the Coalition for Marriage won the Religion award at the GLORIAs for claiming that, after marriage equality was legislated, people would be compelled to participate in pride events, children would be forced to learn how to have gay sex, and there would be a 4000% increase in children coming out as transgender.

The Media award went to anti-Safe Schools campaigner Marijke Rancie, who posts online as Political Posting Mumma, for making various incorrect claims in her videos, including one where she claimed that after marriage equality “it will become discrimination NOT to teach LGBTI sex education and radical gender theory in our schools.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull won the Politics award for telling reporters at Mardi Gras that the marriage equality postal survey “was like the nation gave same-sex couples an enormous hug.”

The award for Silliest Comment Made from Within the LGBTI Community went to conservative troll Milo Yiannopoulos for telling Australians to vote against same-sex marriage just weeks after he married his husband.

The GLORIAs’ new Anonymous Idiots award went to everyone who overreacted to the “yes” campaign’s mass text message last September, including those who said they felt “violated”, “bullied”, and that their “privacy had been breached”.

The new Good GLORIA award for the most positive comment went to the NRL for inviting rapper Macklemore to sing his equality anthem “Same Love” at last year’s NRL Grand Final.

Ms Sharpe said of the awards, “Instead of yelling at the media or getting shouty on social media, the GLORIAs give everyone the chance to vent their anger by voting for those that have annoyed or offended the most this year.

“These awards are fun and colourful but they also send a powerful message that homophobia and transphobia have no place in our community.”

Nerelle Harper

Nerelle is a contributor for QN Magazine and QNEWS Online

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