Margaret Court—consulate set up for anti-gay African regime 

margaret court and burundi flag

Infamous homophobe Margaret Court is making headlines again today after her church set up a consulate for Burundi — an anti-gay African regime. 

The Federal Government approved the consulate despite the African Republic of Burundi’s homophobic reputation.

Now, you can find the honorary WA office listed on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

And it’s all thanks to Court and her Pentecostal church.

Pray away the gay?

The office officially opened in July last year with Court and her husband in attendance.

But what’s a homophobic ceremony without a prayer from Margaret Court herself?

She was filmed on stage during the opening, praying for “the bridging of these two nations”. Because, well, of course, she was.

Her husband Barry, who has been appointed honorary consul said the partnership emerged after Burundi’s first lady visited the Victory Life church.

“The president of Burundi asked me if I’d stand as a consulate for Burundi in Australia,” Mr Court said.

“It took a while for the Australian government to recognise that, but eventually they did,

“Now we have a relationship on a diplomatic scale with Australia and Burundi.”

‘Court’ out: the African Republic of Burundi

Burundi has been at the centre of some major controversy in recent years. I guess Margaret Court and the Republic have that in common.

But Burundi seems to be a dangerous nation for those of us who are gay because over there it’s still illegal.

Sexual violence, torture, and summary executions are also on its list of alleged crimes.

Such accusations even prompted an investigation into Burundi for “crimes against humanity”.

The accusations are that bad, the President of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza couldn’t attend the consulate’s opening. If he did, he would have risked being arrested by the International Criminal Court.

Instead, first lady Denise Bucumi Nkurunziza lead the ceremony.

Pacifique Ndayisaba of the Survivors and Victims of the Burundi Dictatorshipg group said Court’s connection with Burundi is concerning.

“It is very concerning that a famous Australian lady would host and support a regime which kills people, discriminates against LGBTI people, and uses rape as a weapon,” Ndayisaba told Nine Newspapers.

Religious Discrimination Bill

There are reasonable laws in Australia preventing discrimination on grounds of race and sex.

However, the Religious Freedom Bill quarantines anti-LGBTI discrimination and homophobic hate speech from the social opprobrium that apply to racism, for example, and permits it.

This Bill says you can use any Holy text as an excuse to justify statements of religious belief, even if it offends, insults or humiliates other people.

And while this means all minorities can be targets, we all know the primary target by the architects of this Bill is THE GAYS.

Supporters of Court say she has every right to express her views on LGBTIQ matters, but those opposed are fearful. Especially now she’s buddied up with Burundi.

“[Court is] an example of how we need to separate church and state in order to protect our beliefs and freedoms,” LGBTIQ advocate Antek Benedyka said.

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