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Two years ago, photographer John Bortolin embarked on an artistic journey. Now, that journey has culminated in the creation of Manscapes. His masterpiece is a big and beautiful coffee-table book which celebrates the natural beauty of Northern New South Wales and the male physique.    

“The incredible landscapes of the Byron Bay shire in Australia, and its surrounding areas always inspired me,” John explained to QNews. “The lush semi-tropical hills, hidden creeks, and the sensual lines of the blue and white coast.

Manscapes a celebration of two passions

“I am also an enormous admirer of the male body, with its strength and power. Nevertheless, like a landscape, the male body possesses a certain vulnerability. Therefore, I combined my two passions in a large format photography book as an artistic celebration of the two forms.

“In many ways, while this book is a celebration of all men, it is also a tribute to the models. In every case, they participated with openness and a willingness to transform and become a work of art.”

John Bortolin an ‘old school’ photographer

While the digital age seems determined to create an unrealistic sense of perfection, John instead celebrates the raw image through traditional means.

“I’m an ‘old school’ photographer who trained on a film camera.

“I took some of the images in Manscapes on a 1965 model Mamiya C33 medium format 6x6cm film camera.

“These square format images feature in the centre of the book. They have a texture and grain that digital technology doesn’t necessarily allow, revealing a raw beauty.

“Mother Nature has the best attributes for these outdoor shots and I didn’t need to interfere. The light is all natural.”

Manscapes and other work by John Bortolin is available for order now via

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