Gay man hospitalised for two weeks with ‘permanent erection’

danny polaris permanent erection hospital priapis
Photo: Instagram

A British man in Germany who says he’s been suffering in hospital for more than two weeks with a “life-threatening” erection has warned others against penis injections.

Musician and writer Danny Polaris told GCN the ordeal began when he took a Viagra before a night out.

The gay man went home with a nurse he met, and allowed him to inject an unprescribed stimulant into his penis before sex. Alprostadil is a prescription medication which can be injected into the penis, making blood vessels expand and boosting blood flow.

But Polaris said a few days after his injection, there was an adverse reaction between the drug, Danny’s HIV medication and the Viagra he’d taken.

The resulting priapism – a hard, painful and persistent erection – sent the man to hospital in extreme pain.

Polaris wrote on Instagram, “I’ve had a bunch of painful surgical procedures and been at a 10 on the pain scale.

“I may never have an erection again. It’s complicated and the doctors don’t really know what will happen. I’m being brave.”

Danny has reportedly made progress after several excruciating treatments and surgeries to drain the blood from his penis.

But the man is still worried about the long-term effects on his health. He said he was sharing his story to raise awareness of the “misunderstood, painful and dangerous condition.”

Danny Polaris’ penis is now likely permanently damaged

Friends have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help Danny Polaris’ recovery and pay for the specialised treatment he needs.

“Danny’s particular kind [of priapis] has serious complications, such as potentially life-threatening blood clots,” the friends wrote.

“This is currently what Danny is fighting. Some days he’s been in so much pain, that he has blacked out or fallen unconscious, even with strong pain relief.

“He has been stuck in bed for almost the whole time and now has back, leg and neck pain.

“It’s likely that his penis is now permanently damaged. It’s uncertain whether he’ll have another natural erection ever again. Doctors give him less than 50% odds.”

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