Man applying for ‘dream job’ sends STD test results instead of cover letter

man applying dream job tiktok sti test
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A job seeker was left horrified after accidentally submitting his STD test results instead of a cover letter while applying for his “dream job”.

Jacques Paul, who goes by @jacqupot on TikTok, recalled the hilarious story in a pair of TikToks that have received over a million views.

“That time I was applying for my DREAM job at my DREAM company but accidentally submitted a PDF of my STD results as my cover letter,” he wrote.

In the TikTok’s caption, he added he blaming “having GayDHD” for the error. The 27-year-old said the mix-up was “horrible at the time” but it’s a “funny story” now.

The man, who lives in London, explained he’d very carefully completed the application form for a digital marketing position at a big firm.

“This was at the height of the pandemic, I was looking for a job [and] found this dream job,” he said.

“You know when you find a job that’s like, oh my god, if I get this job, this would solve all my problems?

“I drafted a beautiful cover letter, updated my resume … and I applied.

“I monumentally screwed up because I attached my STD results which I just received the same day.

“I have ADHD so I tend to multi-task a lot so that’s probably where everything just went wrong.

But he added, “Thankfully all my tests were negative.

“I never heard back from the company I’m probably blacklisted somewhere.

“Probably there’s like an HR note being like ‘DO NOT INTERACT.'”

@jacqupot And thats on having #GayDHD ♬ original sound – Slowed Songs

@jacqupot Reply to @turtleenigmatic @jacqupot Explaining more about the STD / job application debacle #gaydhd ♬ Simplicity – Jon Steinmeier

People mortified by man’s job application mix-up

TikTok users reacted to the man’s situation in the comments, with one quipping, “Well at least they’ve seen some positivity from you.”

Another said, “HR: ‘all negative nice, we stan a responsible king, hired.'”

One person said, “I would have simply passed away,” while another agreed they would “simply need to move to another country.”

But someone else said, “As a hiring manager I assure you absolutely no one read that cover letter. We barely have 30 seconds to skim your resume.”

Jacques went on to explain, “I decided to share it because I wanted to destigmatise sexual testing and sexual health,” he said.

“But also I saw that a lot of people were anxious about applying for jobs and typos on their cover letters.

“So I figured this is a good story so people feel less anxious over their own mistakes.”

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  1. Hand clap
    14 April 2022

    Hopefully it was at a sexual health clinic

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