Magda Szubanski shares Bible verses in her take on NRL pride boycott

magda szubanski nrl pride jersey
Image: Seven, Manly Sea Eagles

Magda Szubanski has urged the NRL stars boycotting tonight’s match over a rainbow-striped pride jersey to show the tolerance their religion teaches.

The seven NRL players have sparked a week of discussion and debate after they boycotted tonight’s game in refusal at wearing the one-off rainbow jersey for religious and cultural reasons.

In a series of tweets, Magda Szubanski weighed in on the saga, including sharing verses from the Bible.

“Thought experiment: imagine if Manly players were asked to wear stripes to let religious players and fans know they are welcome,” Magda said.

“Then imagine an atheist player refuses to wear the stripes coz their ‘belief’ (based on fact) is that millions have been killed in the name of religion.

“Religious tolerance doesn’t mean you condone or believe in the other’s religion.

“It means that you accept the right of difference to exist. That you support a world where people are not excluded or persecuted because of their religion.

“All we ask, is for the same courtesy.”

‘Help make a tolerant society that accepts difference’

Magda Szubanski pointed out many current NRL players are open about their religious beliefs. But no players have come out as since Manly legend Ian Roberts was the first and last in 1995.

“In a nutshell – the reason we don’t all kill one another is tolerance,” Magda wrote.

“The Manly players are being asked to decide if they believe in supporting a tolerant society – one that allows difference.

“Note that they’re PLENTY of players who feel safe to be open about their religion. But no current players who feel safe to be open about their sexuality.

“That tells us where the injustice lies.”

In the tweets, Magda Szubanski also shared a series of Bible verses that “might help the Manly players get their heads around it,” she said.

She later added, “I hope that if it was explained to the players in terms of making people feel safe and welcome it might go better.

“You can’t force people to believe that homosexuality is not sinful.

“But you can ask them to help make a tolerant society that accepts difference. Including their own.”

Josh Cavallo says jersey drama devastating for closeted players

Meanwhile, gay Adelaide soccer star Josh Cavallo also weighed in, pointing out boycott saga is devastating for a closeted rugby player.

“It actually shows us that having a gay or bisexual teammate bothers them,” Cavallo told Nine newspapers.

“Not only is that disappointing, but it is a dangerous message to send to fellow players who live in silence and are struggling with their identity and everyday life.

“Don’t assume we are all straight. The lack of ‘out’ players doesn’t mean that they’re not playing and competing alongside you.

“Coming out, especially in the public eye, takes a tremendous amount of courage.

“The support from your teammates, your coaches, the club, the league and our country has a huge impact on the next professional athlete that is looking to live their life more openly.

“To not have this support from your teammates can be devastating to a closeted player.”

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