Magda Szubanski: not this little fat duck. She got teeth

magda little fat duck
Image: ABC iview

Magda Szubanski has declared her intention to fight back against fat-shamers. The outspoken comedian announced on Twitter that she would not allow people to dump their self-loathing on her. “Not this little fat duck.”

“It’s pretty clear from the response to my tweet that some people hate fat people because their own hearts are so full of hate that they need to dump all their toxic self-loathing onto someone who they think won’t fight back.

“Well, not this little fat duck.

“She got teeth.”

Magda wrote on the ABC that people seemed to think fat-shaming was okay.

“I don’t know if the nastiness was there when I was younger or whether people just kept it to themselves or what’s going on, but it does seem that it’s more febrile now and more volatile.

“They feel that they can go at me for being fat because they assume that everyone’s on board with the character judgement. It also bleeds into online aggression against women, that people don’t like women having a voice.”

Magda’s Big National Health Check

After a lifetime of criticism and abuse for her weight, Magda will present the new ABC television series, Magda’s Big National Health Check. The show starts November 1. The PR blurb says she will examine “what health looks like in Australia today, revealing major health challenges facing our society and how we can work together to improve our chances of a healthy life.”

Well worth a look. And meanwhile, don’t f_ck with this little fat duck. She’s got a sharp mind, a quick tongue, and she’s too devastatingly funny to tangle with.

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