‘I Believe Magda Szubanski Should Be Australian Of The Year’

Magda Szubanski

Beloved comedian and one of the most high-profile “yes” campaigners, Magda Szubanski, has spoken of her joy at the “overwhelming” result in favour of marriage equality on Wednesday.

“We know I’m the crybaby of the campaign,” she joked to Channel Ten’s The Project on Wednesday evening.

“It’s been joyous, and really just a moment of extraordinary pride.

“This decision should’ve been made by politicians but they farmed it out to the Australian people, who came back with this resounding vote in favour of equality, love and compassion.

“That’s the frustrating thing, [the result] reflects the surveys that have been there all along.

“We said ‘don’t waste the money, don’t cause the grief’ but politicians wanted to play politics. They were trying to appease various elements within their parties.”

Magda said the postal survey was “a very strange situation” and the entire LGBTI community had been in an overwhelmed state during the campaign.

“None of us slept [on Tuesday night]. This is one of those moments which is such an intense experience, and you’re feeling everything,” she said.

“To have the whole nation vote on you is an extraordinary thing… To have them vote and embrace you in that way, I’m very grateful to the Australian people that reason and sanity prevailed.

“I love the fact that it’s been such a unifying thing, and I think going forward it can continue to be that.

“We just have to, as a community, put this divisive survey behind us and be as unified as we possibly can.”

After the momentous result was announced, Magda addressed the crowd of thousands of Yes campaign supporters who had gathered in Sydney’s Prince Alfred Park on Wednesday morning.

“This is for all of us, no matter what way we want to live our life, we must live as equal people in this nation,” she said.

“White Australia began, literally, as a prison. A place for the dregs of society to be dumped. About 239 years later, it has become one of the most stable and peaceful democracies in the world.

“Now we’ve voted on one of the last remaining pieces of inequality that exists in legislation.

“None of us can live in a bubble where we try to pretend that other people don’t exist.

“We must find ways to reach out our hands across the divide that’s been created by this unfortunate survey, and go forward with a deep and good faith understanding of one another.”

After the result, social media users thanked Magda for being such a powerful voice for marriage equality during the aggressive postal survey campaign.

Jordan Hirst
Jordan Hirst

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