Magda Szubanski Blasts ‘Gloating’ Malcolm Turnbull

Magda Szubanski has slammed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for his speech on same-sex marriage earlier this week, urging him to tone down his “gloating”.

The actor and comedian said on Tuesday that she thought the prime minister’s speech the day before was inappropriate following the negative experience many LGBTI people had during the same-sex marriage postal survey, Buzzfeed reported.

Turnbull told the parliament the divisive postal survey was “one of the most remarkable political events of my lifetime” and Australia could be “proud that we can conduct and did conduct, despite all the naysayers, a very civil debate.”

“It will be forever to the credit of the Coalition that this momentous social change occurred with the overwhelming mandate of the Australian people, under a Coalition government,” he said.

Szubanski said the survey “may have saved [Turnbull’s] political skin”, but given the impact of the survey it was “not a moment to stand in the parliament and gloat”.

“Having had so much feedback from people in terrible pain, to see the prime minister gloating and taking credit was a little bit hard to swallow,” she said.

“Every obstacle has been put in the way of this happening, and he has caved in to all of it… So I think he should check in a little bit with his demeanour with that stuff.”

Last month, a national survey of more than 3,000 LGBTI Australians conducted by LGBTI groups PFLAG and just.equal found 78.6% of respondents had reported being adversely affected by the same-sex marriage debate.

LGBTI Australians also reported an increase in the amount of verbal and physical harassment during the postal survey campaign, according to research released this week by The Australia Institute and the National LGBTI Health Alliance.

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