Magazine outs 15yo expelled for rainbow birthday cake

rainbow birthday cake

The American Conservative magazine which describes itself as existing “to advance a Main Street conservatism” outed a 15-year-old girl recently expelled from a Baptist church over a rainbow birthday cake.

Following the girl’s fifteenth birthday party, her mother posted a photo of the birthday celebration to social media. In the photo, the birthday girl wore a sweater featuring a rainbow design. The birthday cake also featured rainbow colours.


Soon after, the girl’s school sent the mother an email. The email from Whitefield Academy notified the mother of her daughter’s expulsion.

The letter said the image “demonstrates a posture of morality and cultural acceptance contrary to that of Whitefield Academy’s beliefs.”

The girl’s mother said after the expulsion that she ordered the cake, not her daughter.

“Rainbows don’t mean you’re a certain gender or certain sex or sexuality.

“I’m not saying she’s this or that — she’s just Kayla to me. … I ordered the cake, she didn’t.”

Lawsuit over rainbow birthday cake expulsion

The girl’s parents since filed a lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges the school alerted the media to the story, thus violating the child’s privacy.

Consequently, the American Conservative published an article on the incident. The article used posts from the girl’s Instagram to “prove” she is bisexual or a lesbian, according to the lawsuit.

Prior to the article, the lawsuit contends the girl was not out to either her parents or her school.

The parent’s lawyer described the school as harassing and mistreating the young student.

“They have a privacy policy, a confidentiality policy, that’s also in the contract, and they didn’t follow it. And that put a child in harm’s way.”

American Conservative

The American Conservative since removed the images from their website, replacing them with a description of what they contain and a notice that they removed the images over concerns for Copywrite violations.

They continue to, however, carry the article outing a 15-year-old child for their supposed sexuality.


Would anyone like a slice of religious freedom?

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