MAFS groom Stephen gives relationship update after split

Gay grooms Michael and Stephen on Married At First Sight
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Married At First Sight gay groom Stephen has shared his relationship status and revealed if he’s still in touch with the hairdresser he flirted with during his TV marriage to ex-husband Michael.

The final Dinner Party of MAFS Australia is on Nine tonight. But unfortunately Michael Felix and Stephen Stewart, the show’s first two gay grooms in many, many seasons, didn’t last the distance.

A few weeks ago, the pair both wrote ‘leave’ during a commitment ceremony after they just couldn’t find any chemistry together.

Their relationship was never the same following a dispute after Stephen hit on a hairdresser during and after an off-camera MAFS photoshoot.

Michael was upset, but Stephen told him that having had an “instant attraction” to someone else was a “lightbulb moment” that things between them weren’t working.

Speaking to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Stephen revealed whether or not he’d stayed in contact with the anonymous man since leaving the show.

“I messaged him once the episode came out, I found him on Instagram and sent him a message. I just apologised for getting involved in all of this,” Stephen explained.

“But other than that, no, we’ve had no communication.”

‘That did cause a rift with us’

Stephen, who’s also a hairdresser, went on to say the spark he felt with someone he’d “known for 30 seconds” was a bad sign for his MAFS marriage.

“We could have a laugh and we had common interests and it was just an easy conversation,” he explained.

“And I think that for me was like a [realisation that] it shouldn’t be this hard with Michael. Any other relationship or friendship that’s ever grown into anything, it doesn’t take this much work.

“I think deep down Michael obviously knew that. We caught up at a later date. We were sitting there having a drink and it was like, we really just have no chemistry.

“We’ve got nothing in common and it’s really hard to try and converse. So for me, that’s what it was.

“It was less about having a spark or wanting to flirt or wanting to pursue anything there and more about like, in our marriage, what we’re missing is just common ground and a friendship really.”

Stephen said he and Michael “unfortunately don’t talk anymore.”

“We did once the show finished, we actually finished in a really good place,” he said.

“Typically when you both write ‘leave’ on the couch you get separated, but we were in a really good place.

“We kept in contact over the months after the show. I think rewatching it and everything that’s come with this show and the interviews and the storyline that’s been portrayed, that did cause a rift with us.

“We’re such different people so it was always going to be hard to keep a friendship.”

Stephen gives update on relationship status

Stephen told the outlet that right now he’s seeing someone new and they watched MAFS together.

“I’ve actually met someone, so that’s been awesome to have someone to kind of rewatch [MAFS with],” he said.

“It’s a pretty unique experience being in a new relationship and watching your partner get married to someone else.”

Married At First Sight continues tonight (March 25) on Nine.

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